blue air filters - 3 ways to stop the sneezing, itching, sniffling and coughing at home

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
When I told most people that the air in their home might be more polluted than in the city, they looked at me unbelievably.
Blue Air filters are a great way to fight against these irritating, sometimes deadly contaminants.
A good indoor air purifier or cleaner is essential for any family, especially if you have windows and doors closed all year round.
To prevent allergic reactions caused by air pollution, follow these three simple steps. 1.
If you don\'t already have an air purifier, invest in a good air purifier for your home or the room you spend most of your time in.
Blue air filters and purifiers are expensive but very effective for removing 99.
97% of indoor pollution includes pollen, cat dandruff, rag weeds, dust and mites, smoke, and even some viruses, bacteria and mold.
The filter is an efficient hepa mute.
The Hepa filter is designed to remove more contaminants from the air than any other type of filter.
Although blue air filters are not real hepa, they compensate for this by charging the airflow with an electrostatic ionizer before passing through the filter.
So you get a quieter system than most systems that use real hepa, but remove all the same particles at the same time. 2.
Throw away the carpet at home if possible.
The carpet is a dust collector and many different types of dust live in it, and of course, if that\'s not the case, it\'s not always possible, then you should vacuum the carpet at least once a week with the s hepa filter vacuum bag. 3.
Many food intolerance or food allergies are the same as allergic symptoms of air transmission.
Make sure you are not allergic to the top 5 most common allergic foods.
They are peanuts, soybeans, milk and dairy products, wheat or gluten and seafood.
The most important thing is to protect you and your family from indoor air pollution.
Blue air filters and blue air purifiers are quite expensive, but God\'s news is that there are other top brands that are just as good, even better, and at a lower cost.
Learn why true hepa air filters are the best and most cost-effective way to protect you and your family from dangerous indoor air contaminants, and how to get the best for top allergic air purifiers
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