Basic knowledge of the precision air filters have?

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
Air air filtration product equipment

precision air filter products structure is very special, everyone can see it in many industries, in addition to common fine chemical industry, oil, medicine industry are often used to this kind of filter, talking about its characteristic, how much do you know this?

specific view, precision air filter performance is excellent and it has very high filtration precision, the design of the filter aperture, very sensitive, a posture of the uniform. At the same time, the filtration resistance, high flux, so the sewage is not a problem at all. As long as you use hard, can use for a long time, to say the price is very high.

precision air filters filter material is very good, cleanliness is very high, even if there is a different filter medium, you also need not worry will cause environmental pollution. This filter can be used in many environments, it not only acid-proof, alkali resistance, so the resistance to chemical attack.

meanwhile, precision air filter with good strength and can be used at high temperatures, even if is to use a long time, the filter also won't appear deformation, so the maintenance is very simple. Compared with other filters, the price of this kind of filter is not high, the daily operation cost is low, people are very like choose filter.

if the need for solid liquid separation, we're going to play to the role of the precision air filters, some have higher demand to environment on the filter, so buy filter would especially during inspection accuracy. Such as liquid medicine filter is very representative, in addition to water treatment industry, etc.

material is also an aspect that deserves attention of tank, FRP tank, stainless steel tanks, if you have different needs, you can ask the factory request, generally can be individually customized, it is also a special precision air filter products.

if you want to buy precision air filters, need to have specific knowledge of performance parameters, such as high and low, the amount of filter filter using pressure down, and filter core specifications and use, such as temperature 5 degrees Celsius temperature range is small, high is 55 degrees Celsius.

it is worth mentioning precision air filter air filtration product precision, smaller is 0. 1, big can reach 60 um, visible range is very wide. Know the features of this type of filter, if you have need, can contact the factory to buy.

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