Bag filter should be how to use? Need to pay attention to what details?

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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should be how to use the bag filter? Normal process, as you know, but there are a lot of detail is actually everybody is easy to overlook, if didn't pay attention to these details, it is hard to make sure that the filtering effect, if want to let the filtering effect can stable up to standard, need to do how? How to make a plan for filtering effect better? Wo yi small make up to tell you what will you pay attention to when using bag filter?

1, daily use check: in the first place in their daily use of bag filter in the process, need to check the differential pressure of the import and export, when the pressure difference exceeds a certain standard, need to change the filter bag in time, timely replacement clean filter bag, can use repeatedly for filter bag, but if you do not change in time, too much pressure difference may result in bag filter filter bag appear broken, can't continue to use.

2, monitor the quality of filter: in the daily use of bag filter, also must notice the quality of bag filter filter, if filter quality fell sharply, may be the bag filter in the filter bag use time is too long, the porosity of the filter bag is blocked, right now you need to change the filter bag in a timely manner. If it is found that the differential pressure bag filter fell sharply, you should immediately stop working equipment, check equipment whether there is leakage phenomenon.

3, correct operation details: details in the normal use of bag filter must be hold in place, such as the replacement of filter bag, the first will be ready to change to the device filter bag soaking in filtering liquid, replacing filter bag steps to refer to the installation process, steps if wrong may lead to damage to the equipment or the filter bag. When doing other corresponding operation, also need to follow the right steps.

4, timely maintenance of the parts were: the maintenance of bag filter is very critical, such as the maintenance of the o-rings, if the o-rings aging, may result in bag filter sealing problems. Once found o-rings aging or is damaged, will need to find the same model in time replace o-rings, now need to aim the o-rings into type O trough, avoid to put undeserved cause deformation of o-rings, secondly in no filtering work, need to remove o-rings to wipe clean, avoid residue filtrate on the o-rings, bring about sclerosis of O ring, seal degree.

using bag filter should pay attention to detail, attention to all details to avoid mistakes, and to further improve the filtering effect.

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