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by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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how to correctly use of bag filter? Proper use of bag filter process are known, but in the right process, also need to pay attention to some of the problem is to use the matters needing attention, the use matters needing attention seems to be very common work, but if there is no easy to affect the safety of the user.

1, prepare equipment check

when using the bag filter must be check of the equipment. Before using bag filter, need to check the equipment and the purity of the filter bag, clean enough, whether to need to be clean; At the same time to check whether there is the sealing o-ring, equipment whether there is leakage phenomenon, if there is insufficient, may cause the air filtration product efficiency and air filtration product effect is lower, so it is difficult to excellent air filtration product system.

2, focus on filtering process

when using bag filter, bag filter manufacturers recommend Beijing focus on filtration process. In the process of filtering, pay attention to the pressure of the bag filter, generally work at the beginning of time, the pressure of the bag filter is about 0. 5 mpa, the work time of growth, the inside of the bag filter pressure also subsequently and growth, tend to remain at 0. 1 mpa to 0. 3 mpa, when the pressure rose to 0. 4 mpa, it need to filter bag bag filter replacement and cleaning work.

3, to do a good job cleaning

in the use of bag filter, cleaning is one of the critical work, after all, too many impurities and dirt will directly affect the filtration efficiency and filtration effect, even for a long time to use too much dirt bag filter, can also lead to shorter service life of bag filter. In Beijing for bag filter, bag filter manufacturers recommend attention to two points, one is the timing of clean, also is the need to plan your bag filter cleaning, periodically clean regularly, don't wait to be found not work already started cleaning, panicked clean work hard to do. The second point is the need to have the right way to clean, which is for the cleaning process, the correct disassembly and installation, and avoid some can't do.

to better use of bag filter, to play their own advantages, bag filter requires the use of bag filter, do a good job in the above three aspects that bag filter can stable operation.

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