backyard mechanic: cabin air filters good for allergy sufferers

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
Hey, time traveler!
This article was published in 2/5/2015 (2222 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Question: My dealer said my cabin air filter products needs to be replaced.
They want about $100.
A few months ago, there was a story on TV about the job, and the mechanic said, I forgot what he said, but it was a joke.
The Honda instructions I could find said \"open the glove box and remove the bolts to lower the door.
\"My Honda Accord is 2008 EXL, but on the internet it says it\'s not for the year or updated version of the model.
I didn\'t see a bolt that could lift the door?
There are two side arms and I don\'t want to force them and I can\'t see where one or both side arms slide out either.
I have paid twice to get the job done, but I want to do it myself.
I even had one of my colleagues say don\'t bother putting the filter in if you take it out.
The filter does have some use in my opinion and should be replaced.
Can you tell me exactly how to proceed?
I did see a few screws on the panel door.
Will removing these get me into the Magic bolt?
A: First of all, the glove box door and compartment need to be put down from the dashboard.
For this purpose, the damping/limit mechanism needs to be screwed off from the side of the glove box.
Then the door and the box will swing down.
Inside the dashboard behind the glove box, you will find a narrow horizontal panel in the heater/AC box with release clips at the end.
Loosen the clip and slide out the panel like a drawer.
The top of this panel is the cabin air filter products and you can take the old one out and install a new one.
Assembly is the reverse side of disassembly.
As for the cost, the cabin air filter products is designed to remove pollen and dust, and the filter medium used to remove pollen and dust is more costly than the engine air filter.
The $100 cost of replacing the filter is likely to include the filter itself.
You can remove the filter and operate the system without the filter, but your interior will remain clean and any allergic passengers will thank you for installing the filter.
Question: I have a pre-citizen of 2010.
I always park it in the garage at home or in the sun in the park.
I have just been notified that the owner is doing a lot of repair work and I will be transferred to the ground parking lot nearby until the fall.
When the car has to sit in the sun for eight hours a day, do you have any suggestions to protect the car paint and the interior? .
A: Fortunately, modern transparent coatings include ultraviolet rays (UV)
Inhibitors that help protect the paint.
The faded old paint of the past few years has been replaced by paint that still looks good ten years later.
Your car will only be parked outside for a few months, so there should be no problem with fading.
Keeping the car clean can protect the appearance of the car.
Avoid parking under wires or trees where birds can sit and leave acid deposits on the paint.
While some people like to use the car cover, I find that many covers absorb moisture below when used outside, which can lead to rust.
If there is wind, the car cover can flip in the breeze and wear on the paint, so I prefer to use the cover only when parked inside. A good-
The brand Carnauba car wax will help to protect the paint surface, which can be used by most dealers or car dealers.
The application cost of paint sealant is very different, so go around.
If possible, park the car in the shade of the afternoon to keep the car cool.
The reflective blinds entering the inside of the windshield do slow the temperature rise inside the vehicle, but will eventually reach the same temperature as the vehicles without shadows.
My test shows that the interior stays cool if the vehicle is parked north so that the windshield does not sunbathe directly.
The lid outside the glass works much better than the inside curtain, but it is not convenient to install.
Jim Kerr is an experienced mechanic, a lecturer in automotive technology, a freelance journalist and a member of the Canadian Association of automotive journalists. kerr. jim@sasktel.
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