Automatic winding type filter is what? Can be used for?

by:Booguan     2020-11-04
Filter equipment

automatic coiling type filter is mainly through the filter before and after the pressure difference sensing converted to electrical signals, and it is a to automatically replace the air filter products material dust removal equipment.

the working principle of automatic coiling type filter is mainly through the new filter material in the container, the sky when the inlet wind contains a high concentration of dust by coiling type air filter, automatic coiling type filter differential pressure is increased with the increase of dust filtering before and after the follow up. When automatic coiling filter resistance rising to the setting value, the resistance of the differential pressure switch will start to work, when the controller receives the signal after the operation, they will immediately turned on the power of the motor, and then automatically start motor. Motor operation is led by a container inside the scroll of rotating together, so that you can roll up your dirty filter material, filtering the filter material on the cross section and convert into clean. Automatic coiling type filter material of filtering operation is controlled by the grating for a certain distance, when filter material operation to preset length controller, the controller is a specific signal to motor. When power off, when the motor stop, you don't need to change our personnel to the equipment at the top of the change, can directly use bracket chute with linkage area for replacement.

automatic coiling type filter is a kind of special web filtering material, it is a kind of structure form of density gradient permutation and combination, automatic coiling type filter has excellent ventilation dust removal ability, its resistance value is low, but the intensity is very high, its chemical properties are very stable, is capable of high temperature, and the ruling, tasteless, no volatile, operation convenient an automatic type filter.

the application range of the automatic coiling type filter is very common, it can be used in sewage treatment plant of blower inlet air filter products, textile mills of return air filter, air conditioning industrial ventilation cooling equipment, central air conditioning system of inlet air filter products in advance, purification of sintering system of metallurgical industry, the subway ventilation and civil air defense engineering, etc. Automatic coiling type filter is mainly used in dust content is high, need frequent replacement of filter material of a kind of environment, can also be applied to the operation of the constant air volume system.

automatic coiling type filter in the intake side of feed is to install differential pressure controller, can according to the requirements of the users using the environment, set the end resistance value of the filter material in advance. When the automatic coiling type filter pressure difference is greater than the end resistance value set, the PLC will give the motor transmission signal, and then system will replace the new materials. The overall structure of the automatic coiling type filter is made of metal, more solid and reliable, and can meet the bad work environment, automatic coiling filter filter USES is light control, is possible shutter control accuracy of filtering material.

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