auto cabin air filter - does your car have one?

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
Do you know that some cars have a cabin air filter built into the air conditioner, an \"air purifier \"(AC)system?
The after-sales market industry survey shows that most car owners do not know about this feature or whether their cars or trucks have organic cabin air filters.
Over the past 20 years, these filters have been added to the vehicle without much publicity.
In the 1980s, cabin air filters were placed on European cars, and about 1995 American cars and trucks began to appear.
Today, cabin air filters are commonly used in American and Asian cars.
There is no standardized size, specification, technology or material for the cabin filter.
There is not even a standard term.
Many cars run dirty, clogged cabin filters.
If the filter is not repaired, the air conditioning and heating performance will decrease and the internal air quality will be affected.
When there is no pre
Filters, leaves, branches, and dirt block the filter media.
Road dirt will turn into a white filter ugly black in about 12,000 miles.
Where is my cabin air filter?
If you are driving a 2000 or newer car, it may have a filter.
The owner\'s manual sometimes covers the replacement.
However, many manuals are mysterious at best, attracting consumers to the high-priced dealer service.
Dealer help desk personnel should be able to advise you on whether your car has an organic cabin air filter or not.
They may charge $50 to $130 to replace it.
But even if these prices seem acceptable to you, please read on.
Not all replacement filters can purify the air in the car as well.
List of car models without or without internal air filtration.
To make matters worse, depending on the location of the sale or manufacture, the installed drive train, and other factors, a given car model may have the option to install or not.
The filter manufacturer website will list alternatives by brand, model and year.
If you don\'t find your car after browsing a few of these, you may not have a cabin filter.
Cabin air filters are usually located behind the inlet panels of the air conditioning duct housing, under the hood or inside the cab.
It is usually on the passenger side.
Inside the cab, the cartridge can be accessed either through the glove box or under the glove box.
Under the hood, check the firewall near the air conditioning ventilation box to find fasteners that may hold the cabin air filter housing.
Many filters are located under cowl.
The Cowl is an exterior metal trim with ventilation blinds and windshield wipers glued under the windshield.
Some cabin air filter products units need to remove some or all of the covers.
A common sign is an asymmetrical 2 piece cowboy with a shorter section on the passenger side.
Two types of cabin air filter media are sold in the after-sales market: first-class filter and multi-stage filter.
In the initial installation of the equipment, usually only the first-class particle filter in paper.
First-class filters these first-class filters capture large allergens such as dust, the largest soot, and pollen in larger air.
High quality cabin air filters usually use a fiber pad for electrostatic charging to keep particles in the air.
While much better than regular paper, these are not HEPA air filters.
What is the size of the particles they pass through?
The evaluation of the vehicle cabin filter starts at about 10 microns, and the particle filtration efficiency decreases rapidly in particle sizes less than 3 microns.
Few sellers list particle efficiency, and few would say: \"The cabin air filter can capture air particles larger than 3 microns.
\"High quality products can capture particles as small as 1 micron, but are less efficient, such as 30%.
Even the best can\'t remove dangerous submarines.
Micron-grade particles
Many of the standard first-class filter media are lame and do not have stiff edges to securely secure the filter in a pipe or full chamber.
This allows dirty air to be bypassed.
Bypassing is usually designed to protect downstream AC components from overload.
Multi-Stage Filtering
A layered car air filter that usually uses some Activated carbon can reduce toxic gases and odors.
Builders claim that the test shows that with more
The stage filter model, but I think this is due to limiting intake rather than actually removing carbon monoxide.
Multiple stages on the quality filter can have progressive dimension layers, such as pre-filters in the room air purifier.
The carbon layer is at the end.
More stage is definitely better.
The best model has a solid frame and a sealed edge.
A high quality grade 5 charcoal filter can take between $20 and $35, about twice as much as the original equipment replacement.
This is a very small price for healthier air in the cabin.
Replace filter Rip-
Driving conditions will determine the service life of the cabin air filter.
Frequent changes in urban pollution and/or rural dust are required.
When the airflow reduces the throughput of the air conditioner, defroster and heater, the filter needs to be replaced, but the filter should be replaced before noticing this.
The smell of the AC pipe may be a signal.
The owner\'s manual is usually recommended to replace about 15,000 miles.
Can I do it myself? Do-it-
There will be no problem with the installation of the cabin air filter 99%.
Some may need to disassemble the wiper assembly on the passenger side.
Installing the cabin filter can be a 20 second job that anyone can do, such as opening and closing the kitchen drawer.
But some people need 30 minutes. While quick-
Industry magazine now reports that cabin air filters are their most profitable upsell service, and that lubricant operators are making slow progress.
This is a new tendency for low-oil scams in old service stations.
The staff were trained to find the vehicle model with the easiest replacement of the cabin air filtration medium.
They only provide a bad new filter for drivers of those models.
The cost is lower than that of the dealer service, but it is too expensive for easy work to be done.
It is important to get the right filter for the application.
Smooth operators sometimes replace incorrect accessories, cheap air filter media.
If you are not mechanically inclined, I suggest you stick to the premium more
Stage filter media, observe the process, and understand how much time it actually takes.
I recommend the use of Grade 5 quality after-sales products, frequent replacement of the original equipment cabin air filter.
Regardless of whether your car has the original equipment cabin air filtration, please consider the after-sales car air purifier.
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