At the beginning of gas turbine inlet, in effect, high efficiency filter - The filtration principle of gas turbine inlet filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-13

gas turbine inlet filter can effectively filter of all kinds of dust in the air, including the dust particle size is less than 10 microns of fly ash in the atmosphere, dust particle size is more than 10 microns, and particle size less than the total particulate matter of 100 microns, the dust around the indoor and outdoor, damage to people's health. Through the study found that the particle concentration and weight of the indoor dust concentration is generally higher than outdoor, and indoor dust particles smaller, namely indoor dust on the body damage than outdoor is more serious.

the harm of dust on the equipment

the harm of dust is not only a threat to human body health, in many cases, also can cause some damage to the indoor equipment. The rotating parts, such as facilities attached to the dust, will leaves caused a lot of damage to equipment, and in this part of the blade can't continue to use, at the same time the use efficiency of equipment is reduced, will even cause certain damage to other auxiliary equipment, such as pipe blockage, polluted, etc.

principle of gas turbine inlet filter

whether it is at the beginning of gas turbine inlet effectively filter, hepa filter effect in the gas turbine inlet filter and gas turbine inlet, the filtering principle, basic it is used, wo yi here small make up to analysis for everyone.

1, the interception effect. The complexity of gas turbine inlet filter fiber arrangement when the dust in the air in the process of movement, in contact with the filter material on the surface of the fiber and at this point would be stick by the filter material, and then reach the filtering effect.

2, the principle of inertia. When the hepa filter through the gas turbine inlet air filter products material surface, airflow streamline encounter obstacles, and, in turn, turn, the dust in the air at this time will be under the effect of inertia force, out of the air crash onto the surface of the filter material, and settling down. In general the dust particles in the air, the greater the inertia, the more likely to be filter material complex fibre block is larger, the better the filtering effect.

3, diffusion effect. The dust in the air is generally doing random brown run, the smaller the dust particle, brown run, the more obvious, in general, particle size of less than 0. 1 mu m dust diffusion distance running around 17 microns, the distance is greater than that of gas turbine inlet filter filter material spacing, in case of gas turbine inlet effectively filter in the filter material, more have a chance to be intercepted precipitation.

the model of gas turbine inlet filter, filtering principle similar to normal air filter products principle, we can according to their different needs, choose a different type of gas turbine inlet filter.

efficient filters ( https://www. booguanfilter。 com/gaoxiaoglq/)
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