At the beginning of air effectively filter application range?

by:Booguan     2020-11-11
Early effect air filtration product equipment

in the air filtration product industry, at the beginning of air effectively filter application range is very wide, such as the effect is a primary filter, often used in air conditioning system, can for dust particles is not less than 5 microns
. Effect at the beginning of the air filter products is widely recognized, it is because it has unmatched cost-effective, and very complete.

initial air effectively filter quality and cheap, and convenient transportation, good generality. From the appearance point of view, the overall structure is compact, also is very light in weight. Classification in effect at the beginning of the air filter is very wide, have folded filter, bag filter, some manufacturer will produce panel filter or box filter, he often combined with central air conditioning use, and have significant performance in the ventilation system.

air early efficient filter material of frame is very special, some use aluminum alloy frame, while others use the galvanized iron box. If the pursuit of higher quality, can use stainless steel frame. For some specific use, some manufacturers will be in the production of paper box filter. As for the filter material is multifarious, in addition to known as activated carbon filter cotton, some will use a metal mesh, and the use of non-woven fabric or nylon mesh.

the fence at the beginning of the current efficient filter is very characteristic, it joined the plastic wire, has double characteristics, while others use galvanized iron wire, also is not a single layer. Above is to introduce the early effect of air filter products of the basic characteristics and application scope. In fact, we also often see it in large air compressor filter system, this kind of filters in the clean air return system also has the obvious effect. Some filter with multiple air filtration product system, if need to deal with the pre filtering, this is also to play to the role of the initial air effectively filter.

early if you want to choose and buy air filter, must from its characteristics, the use of word of mouth and feedback, at the same time consider different manufacturers must pay attention to the after-sale service of the manufacturer, so you can buy a cost-effective filter.

in the filtration system, of course, the role of effect at the beginning of the air filter products is not to be ignored. If everyone to filtering requirement is not high, only install this type of filter, can have same effect. But for environmental cleanliness is very high, we also need to use auxiliary effect or is in the high efficiency filter, it is the use of the basic principles. At the beginning of the

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