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by:Booguan     2020-09-05
New Delhi: Can giant air filters at intersections help reduce local air pollution?
Experts asked what would happen if they were to address traffic emissions and provide public transport infrastructure in one of the world\'s most polluted cities by margin.
There are currently 5,400 buses missing in Delhi and there is no road redesign strategy in place to allow them to have to walk and bike kindly to deal with air pollution.
However, the Delhi government has instructed the immediate implementation of the draft creation unit induced by the \"green crematorium\", the design of the clean tandoor system, the design of the Green Crematorium, etc.
National Institute of Environmental Engineering (NEERI)
In cooperation with PWD, large air filters claiming to purify carbon monoxide will soon be installed (CO)
And particulate matter (PM)
Floors at five intersections
The Delhi government may pay Rs 1 for these units.
Several such filtration units may be required at each intersection to ensure an improvement in air quality within a radius of 20 to 30 metres.
The length of most traffic intersections is more than 150 m, for example, the length of Ito junction is 250 m, which means that there are at least 8 filters at each junction.
The Delhi government will have to pay the fee.
The total cost will depend on the location and quantity it needs.
Rakesh Kumar, director of NEERI, said there are other features, such as whether they operate using conventional power supplies or solar energy, which will determine the total cost. These features will be deployed this winter, he said.
While the cost may not be high, experts want to know why the money is being used to address emissions from sources of transport.
NEERI scientists say the filters will also create some \"confusion\" in the area to help remove contaminants.
Kumar explained that the experimental results of the technology showed
PM 2 decreased by 76%.
Level 5 when external meteorological factors are not considered.
We can control emissions from traffic and other sources, but we cannot control meteorological factors that affect air quality, he added.
Questions have been raised about the effectiveness of this technology, but experts are now asking what will happen to control traffic emissions by limiting the number of vehicles and introducing public transport.
The bus is in short supply of £ 50%.
This needs to be fixed in the long run to see the difference.
This may be an emergency solution, but only by reducing the number of vehicles and introducing flexible working hours for the largest and regional plans of India-African countries can the overall benefits be ensured
Professor Manju Mohan, an atmospheric scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, said.
Sarath Guttikunda, founder of Urban Emissions, explains how air filters don\'t even have an impact on delhi\'s massive emissions.
Before the Commonwealth Games in 2010, an Italian company spent $300,000. air-
Filter of Connaught landAbout 2.
5 kg of the dust was collected during the month of operation.
Delhi\'s particles (PM)
Annual emissions are about 60,000 tons, excluding seasonal sandstorms and agricultural pollution.
Clear emissions.
5 million per month.
Assuming Connaught Square is the cleanest due to the operation of the filter, we actually need at least 2 million filters to cover the city, he added, it\'s like installing air conditioning outside to deal with global warming.
Emissions should be controlled at the source, not where we breathe.
Scientists at the air quality monitoring agency also came to a similar conclusion and suggested not to install filters.
The PWD engineer also did not find the idea to be valid.
Amit Bhatt, head of integrated urban transport strategy, said nothing has been done since last year to upgrade the public transport infrastructure. Similar towers have been installed in Beijing, but mainly to improve people
I think it helps to reduce air pollution and may reduce the exposure of traffic police slightly.
But I think it will only help raise awareness about air pollution. Nothing else.
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