ap fact check: trump didn\'t set records on clean air in us

by:Booguan     2020-09-07
The fact that President Donald Trump is clean air in the United States is wrongS.
In a conversation with Irish Prime Minister Leo valradkar on Wednesday, he insisted thatS.
Have \"the cleanest air in the world\" and are \"creating environmental records \".
This is not the case.
The Obama administration created a record of clean air in 2016, and since then, air quality under Trump has deteriorated.
Look at Trump\'s statement during his trip to Europe, as well as the protests in London and his forecast for Brexit: Trump: \"We have the cleanest air in the world, things have gotten better and better since I became president.
We have the cleanest water.
I always say I want clear water and air.
We are making environmental records. ” —
Remarks on Wednesday.
The truth is: AmericaS.
Without the cleanest air, nor did it get better during the Trump administration. U. S.
Drinking water is one of the best through a major measure.
According to data from Trump\'s own environmental protection agency, in 2017, among 35 major countries in the United StatesS.
In the city, there were 729 cases of \"unhealthy days of ozone and fine particulate matter pollution \".
\"This is 22 percentage points higher than in 2014, the worst year since 2012.
In fact, the Obama administration recorded the least air pollution in 2016.
After Trump took office in 2017, bad air days in each metro area increased by 20%.
The global air condition 2019 report of the Institute of Health impact rated the air quality in the United States. S.
As the eighth cleanest air particle pollution-
Kill 85,000 Americans every year
Second only to Canada, Scandinavia and other countries. The U. S.
Smog pollution is severe, killing 24,000 Americans every year.
From the cleanest to the dirtiest, the United StatesS.
123 were measured in 195 countries.
Yale\'s Global Environmental Performance Index found that drinking water was the cleanest in 10 countries. S. among them.
In terms of environmental qualityS.
On the 27 th, it lagged behind European countries, Canada, Japan and Australia.
Not Switzerland. 1. ——
Trump: \"I \'ve always heard that there will be\" mass \"rallies against me in the UK, but the opposite is true.
The mass of people that corrupt media hate to show are those who have come together to support the United States and me. ” —
Tweet on Wednesday
Trump: \"There are thousands of people (Monday)
Cheer on the street.
There were even thousands of people cheering today, and then I heard there were protests.
\'I don\'t see any protests,\' I said.
I did see a small protest when I came here today, very small, so I hate to say that a lot of it is fake news.
There is great love.
. . . . . . I didn\'t see the protesters until a while ago, a very, very small group. ” —
A press conference was held on Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May.
The fact is: the protests against Trump\'s visit are not just \"very, very small \".
Thousands of protesters gathered in London\'s government district, shouting angry hymns as he met may nearby.
When police set up barricades to prevent protesters from crossing the Downing Street gate, they can be heard as Trump and possibly take photos from the prime minister\'s residence before the press conference.
The demonstrators expressed anger at his generous welcome and protested that he posed a danger to the world.
The protests included a huge Trump baby balloon and a robot-shaped Trump sitting in a golden toilet with a mobile phone in his hand, known as \"dumping Trump \".
The robot made a harsh voice and recited familiar Trump phrases such as \"no collusion\" and \"You are fake news \". ”——
Trump was referring to how he stood at the Scottish golf resort, Thornbury, on the eve of the Brexit referendum, and he predicted that the UK would vote to withdraw from the EU: \"I really predicted what would happen.
Some of you remember this prediction.
This is a strong prediction that we are developing somewhere, the day before it happens. ” —
Press conference on Tuesday
The fact is: the day before the departure, he did not predict the departure.
Like when he told the story before, Trump mixed his predictions with his days.
Three months before the vote, he did accurately predict that Britain would vote to leave the EU.
2016 day after the vote
Not the day before-
He predicted from the Scottish resort that the EU would collapse due to Brexit.
It remains to be seen. ——
New York Associated Press writer Nikki Foster, London\'s Jill Lauris and Kevin fkin, and Darlene Superville in Washington contributed to the report. ——
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