Analytical filtering material products used in different industries

by:Booguan     2020-11-02

today, it is very important to economic development, but at the same time of economic development, do a good job in environmental protection are equally important, only in this way, can ensure that the public's health. Through the above introduction, we know in the atmospheric environmental protection, is more suitable for used as filtering equipment of bag-type dust collector, at the same time, without conditions, the use of filter materials is also different, the environmental protection filter material products have what kind of application in different industries?

1, the cement industry production

drying equipment choose waterproof polyester cloth of oil filter material or aramid fiber and water resistant oil filter material, is the main basis, such as temperature, moisture, sulfur gases etc. Cement mill filter material with polyester cloth or dacron cloth coated filter material, this major is based on customer requirements and drainage selection to determine. Coal mill with three filtering material or antistatic filtering material. Kiln head with Nomex filtering material, aramid fiber filter material or glass fiber composite coating materials, the selection is based on shelf life and working conditions. Preheater with P84 filtering material or glass fiber composite filter material, which is based on shelf life and job condition selection.

2, iron and steel production industry

according to the different dust removal equipment, selection of filtering material specific filtering material is polyester cloth, polyester cloth coated filter materials and anti-static materials, high temperature filtration material selects the aramid fiber and glass fiber composite filter material.

3, garbage incineration industry

considering multifarious junk ingredients, the incineration of industrial waste gas contains a variety of harmful substances, their specific harmful ingredients are: dust, acid gases, heavy metals and dioxins. We waste incineration and dust removal equipment selection of the filter material is higher. The ptfe ( PTFE) Also known as 'plastics king', the function is more powerful, strong resistance to hydrolysis reaction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, basically is better than any known material vapor permeability resistance, thus PTFE filter material is widely used in waste incineration dust removal system.

4, electric power industry

coal-fired industrial waste gas situation induces features within a specific aspects: high temperature, corrosion resistance, corrosion. PPS filter material can be applied in the condition of this kind of industrial waste gas well, mainly by the acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, PPS filter material itself is not determined by the flame retardancy and other properties and hydrolysis reaction. General working condition choose PPS filter materials, unique working conditions such as high sulfur content, high oxygen content, high temperature conditions, selection of PPS + PTFE filter material.

5, urban heating

normally use PPS filter material, special circumstances require low emission, the pollution is less than 10 mg/m3
with PPS effect of filtering material or PPS superfine surface filtration material, improve the filtering precision.

with us to improve the quality requirements of environmental protection, bag dust removal technology is faced with the use of a wider space. The configuration of the functional and complex environmental protection filter material products will be the future developing direction of the atmospheric dust bag dust removal technology. Believe that with our country and people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the future atmospheric environment of our lives will be better and better.

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