Air shower in use process, notice what matters?

by:Booguan     2020-11-05
Filter piece

want to let the filter in the filter work, play a better role, so in buy filter for a little while there are some basic considerations require attention to, or in the process of buying buy direction appeared deviation, it is easy to lead to buy filter was unable to complete the corresponding filter work, should note what problem? You can choose from these aspects, to the more filters to meet their needs.

1, some understanding on screen pack first. Filter piece of species in the current market is very much, the filter on the different material, different types of filters, different characteristics of filter, air filtration product efficiency, air filtration product velocity and filtering effect will be different, and the ability to filter working environment is also the existence of differences. Recommend before buying filter piece, to filter piece have a general understanding of the market, clear what is the characteristics of different kinds of screen pack piece itself, avoid when the choice, the choice of filter piece can't do companies need better filtering work, results in the decrease of filter production efficiency, influence the work of the late production.

2, to clear its own demand of filtering net blades. In select screen pack, need to know your demand for filtering work, some enterprises have on the efficiency of filtering work requirements, some companies insist on filter to complete after the purity, and some enterprise filtering environment is harsh, temperature resistance or resistance of filter chip itself has certain requirements. Enterprises to understand their needs, for your current filter conditions have a roughly judgement, determine what you want to buy filter after piece needs to have what features, to choose, so the choice of filter can satisfy the business enterprise to a great extent of air filtration product needs.

3, want to notice the filter manufacturers can provide all kinds of services. In choosing a filter, manufacturer of factors must be taken into account, some manufacturers of after-sales service is not very good, or is the product qualified rate is low, often appear defective, the manufacturer is really worth to choose? Enterprises can see more in the market for the filter factory evaluation, choose a word of mouth better filter manufacturers, so the filter on the buy back piece is a guarantee of quality, the late once appear problem, the services provided by the manufacturer is also very good.

screen pack, the choose and buy some understanding on screen pack, after to clear their own needs, select the appropriate screen pack, of course not forgetting filter factory is also one of the factors of choice, to reconsider.

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