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by:Booguan     2020-08-29
Indoor air ...In the form of dandruff, dust and pollen...Substances may be a real stimulus for asthma patients...and other ......In addition to removing all indoor air pollution in the form of dandruff, dust and pollen particulate matter, dust and pollen particulate matter may be for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseasesIn addition to removing all direct irritating sources and minimizing irritating containment materials in your home, you should also consider the indoor ventilation and filtration system in your home.Environmental control is the key to reducing exposure to both indoor and outdoor allergens.
Keeping a clean house free of dust, dandruff, smoke, pollen and other particulate matter in the air will help to reduce the irritation and impact on family members who have difficulty breathing.Air purifiers, filters and hepa filters can play a role in helping to control or reduce exposure to allergens both indoors and outdoors.Some health authorities have recognized that certain types of air filtration systems may be beneficial in reducing the amount of air particles in the room.
The American Lung Association recommends using an efficient air filter products purifier for the bedroom of an asthma patient.The Mayo Clinic recommends air particle filters for home ventilation systems.Ion filters and hepa filters have been approved or approved by the American Foundation for Asthma and Allergy (AAFA) and the UK Allergy Foundation approval seal.
Choosing the wrong type of filtration system may exacerbate this problem by stirring and cycling existing particles in your house, so it is important to thoroughly study.Ion air filters do not produce high airflow patterns to clean the air, but simply rely on negative ion attraction to collect particles in the air.They have demonstrated a high rate of capture of allergens and irritating substances in the air such as pollen, dandruff, tobacco smoke and dust, and can help improve the quality of the indoor air environment.
You can read more about the ion air filtration process on the following website: the air filtration system should not be considered a solution for any breathing condition, nor is it a reason to ignore reasonable medical advice and guidance on removing irritating sources and allergen habitats from your home.Nor can they replace a thorough and regular cleaning of your home environment.Choosing the right air purifier system can help you supplement and strengthen your efforts to reduce air particles and maintain a healthier indoor breathing environment.

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