air pollution: how to use activated carbon air filters to protect your family

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
Air pollution is a problem in almost every city, and some cities are more serious than others. Smog (
Terms created by combining the word \"smoke and fog)
Often contains many hazardous chemical wastes from various industrial and commercial vehicle exhaust and ozone-
This complex mixture of air pollution is often mixed with air that enters our air conditioner and enters our home directly.
EPA said that these contaminants may only cause irritation in the throat and nose, which can cause or aggravate asthma symptoms in the short term, and that many chemicals contained in smoke have carcinogenic effects in the medium and long term, causes lung, throat and other types of cancer.
Add ozone to the smoke, a harmful compound, and a great ingredient that has a real health hazard.
Smog and related air pollution can easily float in the air for miles, so we are not very safe even in the suburbs.
If you think your air conditioning filter can remove these contaminants, you are wrong, unfortunately.
Air conditioning filters can only remove large particles at best, and even black filters with a little carbon on one side can only remove a small proportion of chemical or gas contaminants --
This means that more than 95% of the smoke, gas, ozone and other outdoor contaminants will still enter your home for you, your family, your baby, and your loved ones to breathe.
What is really shocking is that there are a lot of people who recommend staying indoors when the smog is serious.
While this may reduce exposure a little, unless you use a carbon air filtration system to remove contamination from 24/7 air conditioners, you are still approaching the same exposure
Now, you also add any other contaminants in the air at home to the mixture.
This is a very important point for older people or people with breathing problems: if you are planning to stay indoors to avoid an increase in outdoor air
Causing allergies, asthma, or respiratory symptoms, make sure the air inside is as clean as the outside and, of course, cleaner than the outside.
That\'s one of the reasons why we recommend using activated carbon or charcoal filters in homes and offices, because if you do, your home or office will be where the air is really clean, you will get rest from the contaminants.
The only thing is stonly activated carbon (
To some extent, there is also a zeolite)
This will remove chemical contaminants from the air.
Fortunately, activated carbon is also very good at removing ozone from the air, which in itself brings a lot of pain to some people.
What is the best carbon air filtration system or air purifier?
There are quite a few in the market now, with varying degrees of effectiveness.
We would like to point out here: if contaminants and chemicals in smog and outdoor pollution come mainly from industrial sources, you need a carbon filter of industrial strength to remove them, is it not meaningful?
Of course.
That\'s why we often recommend Aller air purifiers and filters.
Because their Vocarb carbon is the same as those used in commercial and industrial plants, it is designed to remove this chemical contamination.
Most other air purifier manufacturers don\'t have this highly activated carbon or charcoal, so they don\'t clean the air either, simple and clear.
Austin Airlines\'s HealthMate Plus and Blueair equipment, as well as their smoke stop gas and odor filters, are pretty good second choice, but they have much less carbon than all air units, this means that the filter will not last long.
Aller Air has a full house unit and a portable Air purifier with this powerful Vocarb carbon, as well as a medical grade HEPA filter for the removal of the smallest particles.
However, like any carbon filter, they have to be replaced on a regular basis because the carbon is saturated with contaminants and when it can no longer be absorbed, the polluted air blows in directly, this actually makes the polluted air more in circulation.
So if you want to avoid the danger of air pollution and ozone and want to really protect your family, do yourself a favor and use a high quality carbon air filtration system in your home, and replace the filter as planned or earlier.
You and the people you love will be glad you did it.
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