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by:Booguan     2020-08-29
There are many different types of air filters on the market today, each with different prices and quality.Some people believe that making a purchase decision based on the price of the air filter products is the right way to make a choice, while others believe that the quality of the air filter products is much more important than the price.Short though-Long-term savings with cheaper air filters can be great, and in the long run, more money can be saved by investing in higher quality filters.
Cheaper air filters are 40% cheaper than high quality ones, but cheaper ones have to be replaced frequently.The cheapest air filter products is usually a panel air filter, with the square feet of the filter material lower than the more expensive folding air filter.Due to the lower square feet, the panel air filter reaches the maximum capacity faster than the folded air filter, and must be replaced before starting to release dirt, dust, and other contaminants back into the air.High quality air filters are able to capture and collect a wider range of air contaminants than cheap air filters.The material density of high-quality air filters is much higher than that of materials in cheap filters, allowing small particles to be limited together with large particles captured by most types of air filters.The efficiency of the air filter can be determined by looking at the minimum efficiency report value (MERV) of the filter, and higher values indicate the ability to remove very small particles from the airflow.Cheap filters may be ineffective in removing various types of gas-air contaminants, including smoke, chemical steam, and unpleasant smells.Many high quality filters contain adsorption materials such as activated carbon, which removes these gas contaminants from the air flow through the filter material.When the pollutant is in contact with the activated carbon in the air filter, the pollutant is adsorbed on the carbon and stored in the filter.Once the carbon becomes invalid, the air filter should be changed to continue removing the gas contaminants in the indoor air.
When buying an air filter, it\'s best to remember that you got what you paid.High quality filters may be more expensive, but when you take into account the longer life of the air filters and the higher efficiency of removing air pollutants, they are worth the extra cost.

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