air filters linked to improved cardiovascular health

by:Booguan     2020-09-01
A study published Friday in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Medicine suggests that using a simple air filter products can help prevent cardiovascular disease-the leading cause of death in the United States.
When researchers in Canada place high-efficiency particle Air (HEPA)
Improvements in air quality have also improved the vascular health of participants.
The researchers placed the HEPA filter in 25 households in one of the most polluted communities.
After living in the filtered air for seven days, each participant gave blood and urine samples for the researcher\'s analysis.
The results seem to encourage the use of air filters.
Participants benefited from reduced inflammation and improved vascular endothelial function.
\"HEPA filters are a potentially useful intervention because they are relatively cheap to buy and operate and can effectively remove tiny particles that can be inhaled, to improve the air quality that is spent most of the time at home, \"Dr. Ryan AllenD.
One author of the study said in a written statement that he was from Simon Fraser University in Columbia, England.
In addition to direct monitoring of participants, the researchers also monitored changes in indoor air quality during the seven-month periodday period.
The HEPA filter reduces fine particulate matter by 60% on average in the air.
\"Our results support the assumption that systemic inflammation and impaired endothelial function are both predictive factors for cardiovascular disease and can be positively affected by reduced particle concentrations and increase evidence in increasing numbers
\"Long-term exposure to particulate matter with systemic inflammatory response,\" Allen said . \".
The researchers conducted the study using an efficient air filter manufactured by Honeywell, but the study was funded by the BC Lung Association, the BC Environment Department and Health Canada.
Those who say smoking at home are not allowed to participate in the study.
It was nice to know \"how to improve the air quality spent most of the time at home\" as my father worked in the air --
Conditional reflex business, I told him about this article.
I am about to print the article and throw it into the face of my landlord/roommate who suspected my behavior with the filter two months ago.
I have already started to hurt my chest.
With the help of the sun, I could see a lot of dust in the air in my room and decided to replace the cheap green filter with the right HEPA filter.
A week later, both filters changed from white to brown and my chest pain suddenly stopped.
I feel happy and wise now.
It sounds like an advertisement to me.
My air and heat guys said they were expensive and useless and put pressure on the air hands. The filters in the standard HVAC system are designed to protect the equipment, not to improve the air quality at home.
Except in the most extreme cases where the system is constantly running, most of the air in the House is not enthusiastic enough to provide effective cleaning through the filter.
The houses apparently have firewood stoves, which may provide most of the heat, meaning that the air treatment program may not run continuously.
Burning wood does produce a lot of particles.
Another problem is the ability of the Air processor to handle the extra back pressure of the filter.
Most HVAC systems are not designed to handle this resistance.
I would never recommend that my client simply replace the low resistance filter for the HEPA filter.
There seems to be some details missing from this article.
This study involves households where wood burning is occurring and does not apply to the home environment in which this occurs.
The real meaning of this article should be that burning wood is unhealthy.
Wood smoke pollutes indoor and outdoor air and retrains indoor air from outside.
There will be different results when using HEPA frequently in regular homes-see epa hepa filter report for more information.
Try updating the stove filter to MERV 8 to improve filter efficiency.
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I don\'t know about Warren heating and air conditioning.
Very interesting!
Great article about heart patients is short but very informative?
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