Air filter which good? Understand the performance is the key

by:Booguan     2020-11-10
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at present the country attaches great importance to the development of air purification industry, considering the industry enterprise's demand, many air purification industry arises at the historic moment. So air filter which good? We need to understand the basic properties of the air filter, and then to choose and buy.

air filter which good? From the point of performance, we need to understand from three aspects. The first point is air filtration product precision, need people to check the filter structure and material, it has relationship with grain diameter, diameter, the greater the air filtration product precision is lower. In addition, we are going to refer to the use of the air filter, after all, some enterprises of high cleanliness requirements, it is necessary to choose high precision products, but some places you just need to achieve general purification effect.

the second point is to know the flow characteristics of certain conditions are needed to test the index, first of all, should guarantee the inlet pressure is constant, the following should be considered the air flow through property, should also take a look at the filter pressure value at the same time, the two will be generated in a different environment change curve, if the pressure loss is too big, it is not recommended. We need to consider the air filter's structure is whether appropriate, also should see filter structure is reasonable.

the third point is the efficiency of water, it is mainly a ratio, molecular is the separation of the water, the denominator is the inlet water, if the ratio is too low, can affect the function. At this time, should check the air filter of the guide plate, and if the material of the part is not good, will greatly influence the efficiency of water.

through the above introduction, we saw the air filter testing standards, air filter which good? If can be filtered from the perspective of the above, I believe you will choose to excellent product quality, will really make sure air purification efficiency.

not only that, but we should also learn about the classification of the air filter products, in addition to known as the early effect and high efficiency filter, in effect, it also includes the compressed air filters, has a wide range of application in the market, the overall design is very elegant, worth to buy.

air filter which good? Know the above knowledge, people can have a further comparison and choice. Besides using ways and scope of value, we also should refer to the manufacturer's reputation and credibility. In addition must attaches great importance to the research and development ability of the factory, after all, it determines the future use, also decides the development level of the air purifier.

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