Air filter screen cleaning is important cleaning method is correct

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
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in air air filtration product equipment, air filter mesh application is very wide, its classification is numerous, each with its own characteristics. The following will introduce you to everyone.

is the first kind of metal rubber screen pack, the material of it is very special, mainly USES the stainless steel wire, because there is no rubber, so on the structure design is very have personality. We can see there are many capillary porous structure, so the application of the under high and low temperature air can be greatly, moreover can also be used if there is temperature difference between the larger environment, this is the main classification of air filter mesh, very popular.

the air filter mesh is the biggest characteristic of wide scope of application, such as strong radiation, high vacuum environment can make use of it. Advantage is corrosion resistance is strong, impact resistant ability is not bad. We can adjust the filter precision according to use demand, is also very easy cleaning, the density will not be changed.

the second category is the ventilation filter, it USES the nylon material, can resist acid and alkali environment, the resistance is not high, also can wash, for everyone is the economy practical stronger air filter products mesh, no matter how many times washing, air filtration product efficiency will not be affected. And can also impact, sales on the market is higher.

the third kind is the metal filter, steel material using a metal, such as aluminum foil mesh is a kind of, and stainless steel wire mesh. Has the specificity, undulate surface, the Angle set is very special, have overlapping, more can reflect the density arrangement. Objects in the process of filtering respectively with different orientation, the purpose is to ensure that the filtration efficiency, if you have any requirements on the filtration efficiency, is worth using the series of air filter products mesh.

the fourth class is coarse filter, it can undertake the coarse dust filter, also can undertake preliminary filter, the design process must check screen pack, the material of air filter mesh is more fragile. If stainless steel wire mesh deformation, it may affect the air filtration product precision and purity, will also affect the use of the equipment such as machine of the compressor.

this is to introduce the basic classification of air filter mesh, in daily life, it can filter in different occasions, but also has powerful cleaning effect, is preferred from all walks of life. Enterprises have used in the factory, not only in the family also often buy.

air ( https://www. booguanfilter。 com/kongqiglw/)
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