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by:Booguan     2020-09-01
Clean air filters are essential for all vehicles-
Hydraulic Excavator included.
The engine will not be able to start the filter.
Dirty filters steal power, forcing this heavy-burden beast to struggle while digging or digging loads.
Operator, before starting the operation, it is a good idea to squeeze sand out of the dust cap at the bottom of the air tank every day.
This will remove the sand from the tank, but will not remove the sand from one or two air fillers.
By the way, make sure the rubber dust cap is in place.
life is reduced by half when the lid is loose or cracked. [
Slightly] Illustrations
If you are at the construction site and the engine choke is off, or you notice a power cut or black smoke, brush off the main air filter products well.
Turn off the engine.
Open the lid of the jar and pull out the filter.
Do not touch the secondary filter.
This is the job of your mechanic.
Tap the filter with the heel of your hand to loosen the sand and dirt.
Then shake it and knock some more.
This will remove enough trash from the filter to keep you going until your mechanic can clean the filter with 30 psi air or replace the two. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Do not knock the filter on a rock or hard surface.
You can make it concave so it doesn\'t turn on and it won\'t seal well.
Make sure you keep an eye on the air cleaner indicator on the dashboard.
If the indicator light turns red during operation, stop and clear the main filter.
Learn more about how to check the air filter products by looking at page 149and 14-10 of TM 5-3805-280-10.
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