Air filter often need to change to do maintenance at ordinary times

by:Booguan     2020-11-11
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air filter products are common, mainly used in filter equipment. But people know about the air filter is not much, how long will it take to change a filter? How to do a good job of maintenance at ordinary times, about this problem, we have secret look professional and technical personnel, to provide quality services for the clients and prolong the service life of filter element.

air filter has a lot of different materials, different materials, the service life is different also, in use process, the impurities in the water will be more and more, if it is not clear in time will be blocked with filter, and activated carbon filter will gradually saturated with a long time. Generally, PP filter once every three months to be replaced, activated carbon filter about six months to change one more time. Because of hollow fiber can not clean, so on the backend of active carbon, so it is difficult to jam, if it is a water purification equipment at the end of the filter core, use one or two years is about to change.

the service life of each kind of air filter, to extend the service life of filter element, should often clean, basically be removed using a month, use much clear water wash, and then to dry after installation. But not all of the filter is able to do this, if really can't use, or to change to thoroughly solve the problem.

the usual maintenance is very important, filter using special materials synthesis, and the material is belong to wearing parts, need special maintenance, filter cleaning process, may appear the phenomenon of deformation and damage, which is important to note that light to take light put, don't bend, the damage of air filter is can't use, even barely fitted, also it is difficult to achieve the ideal use effect.

at present, the use of the air filter products, such as the medical industry, all kinds of antibiotic solution, need after prefiltering can, filter core is one of the important device. And beverage industry using water air filtration product, electronic industry, oil industry, and so on.

air filter often do need to change, change the model species is consistent, this way of equipment. If can maintain good at ordinary times, also can use after rinse. In order to prolong the service life, often clean, used correctly is very important. With the above analysis, the hope can attract the attention of the user, the proper use of air filter.

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