Air filter of the standard terms and definitions

by:Booguan     2020-11-10

mesh filter filter

the particulate and gaseous pollutants in the air, microbial target pollutants such as air filtration product, removal, purification function of the components. Usually by folding or filling, etc, can make a plate, a variety of forms such as drum.

filtration efficiency filtration efficiency

in the experimental conditions, the filter to filter out the pollutants concentration and the ratio of the initial concentration of pollutants, the unit as a percentage.

rated airflow rated air flow

the express filter manufacturers in unit time the air volume flow, processing unit for the m3 / h.

standard standard air volume air flow

of particulate and microbiological test, filter material in 5. 33 cm/s wind speed,
filter based on the actual filter material developed area, calculation of air volume. For gaseous pollutants test, it is under 1 m/s wind speed, the filter based on the actual cross-sectional area, the calculation of air volume, unit m3 / h.

resistance to hold

filter through the standard air volume, the filter before and after static pressure difference, the unit for Pa.

size particle size

in the name of the characterization of some kind of method to measure the particle size size, the geometry of the ring contains specific meaning, unit to mu um said.

when light scattering particle counter measure, the particle size is compared with the standard particle scattering light intensity effect equivalent to gain comprehensive effect, represents a certain geometry size range of particle size.

dust concentration dust concentration

refers to the unit volume of air contained in the quality or quantity of suspended particles. When in p/called count concentration; When expressed in mg/m3 for the unit, known as heavy concentration.

let dust dust holding capacity

under specified test conditions, the filter particulate trap by the total mass, the unit is mg.
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