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by:Booguan     2020-11-11
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whether auto, home or factory we will use air filter, and do you know when the air filter products of the air filter replacement? Know the air filter at ordinary times what should maintain? If air filter blocked will affect the use effect of air filter, also can increase the energy consumption of air filter. Then how do we ensure the normal operation of the air filter efficiency? Then in daily use, we should pay attention to the maintenance of air filter, air filter to ensure the normal use, and guarantee the quality of air filter. This is good for the engine. Below small make up together and to get to know the air filter in the daily use on its problems.

we must first know the air filter is a kind of filter, also known as air filter cartridge, grid. inside the car above used mainly for automotive engine provides clean air. At the time of air into the engine must go through the air filter and prevent the car engine at work or particulate air inhaled with impurities, which affects the working efficiency of the engine and the use of time. When on air filter replacement problem, so small make up access to the related data, according to different brand, different types of the answer is not the same, it is suggested that 10000 kilometers, 20000 kilometers has also been suggested an air filter.

is essentially the same as all the air filter, are depends, in some places the sand is bigger, in some places less dust, can be decided according to the actual situation of their own. Next, we want to know is the air filter after we replace down how to cleaning? Some chefs will use air gun to blow directly, or is just a play, these methods are all wrong, is unreliable. If you want to know the air filter is composed of fold, this increases the air filter and air contact area, also won't affect the engine air intake.

when using blowing air gun is a bit big for a dust effect, but for tiny dust for nothing, many tiny dust will firmly attached on the surface of the air filter, even intense pressure will not be able to blow them down. This is does not make sense for air filter cleaning. In blowing process also note cannot push too much, otherwise it is easy to blow the dust into the filter inside, leading to a sharp drop in air air filtration product effect. Small make up recommend everyone doesn't want to wash with water, most of the air filter is oily material, can use a vacuum cleaner absorb on the surface of the stolen goods. Too dirty words directly replace the air filter, the use of the engine for this must be a good time.

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