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by:Booguan     2020-11-09
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now the arrival of the 21st century environmental protection and energy saving concept, make air filters filter the device widely used in many industry. We can see the filtration equipment in the chemical industry, electronics, electric power, machinery, and medicine, food and other industries, has played a major role. For this kind of filter design is very critical, so what are the basic elements should be considered when designing?

air filter products mesh design elements

give priority to, the design of the ontology, the design of an entire ontology is critical, because it is the main bearing part of filter unit, to a large extent directly determines the overall performance of the filtering equipment.

2, the design of the flow channel, according to the design of air filter mesh, can be said to be the end air filtration product unit and there is a direct link between traffic. In the design of this kind of filter unit flow, as far as possible to increase imports, keep the short flow length, so as to better reduce stress concentration.

the third, the key points of the design of the guide plate is critical, because it is a major link directly affects the efficiency of the water. Guide plate in the design of air filter mesh, size to meet the requirements, must ensure that the Angle of blade must ensure that sufficient strength, guide plate installation with reliable solid state, rotate to meet the requirements of the corresponding.

4, umbrella design points of the manger must keep certain elasticity, in addition, you also need to be equipped with the appropriate intensity, ensure that won't appear the phenomenon of loose after assembly. In addition, in view of the design of this kind of manger need a pressure balance hole, keep good in 1 - diameter The range of 2 mm like this.

5, the filter design key is lies in precision, and now filter are divided into several different types, each type of filter element has the different filtration precision.

6, the drain valve design for air filter mesh is critical, because the variety is more, according to the actual needs of business users that you will need to choose, each drain valve has its own advantages and disadvantages, suggest everybody many combined with their own practical work situation to choose from.

at present, there have been a lot of industry began to introduce their own air filter products mesh, also let us see this kind of filter plays a key role in the middle of the different areas. Good design can help such a filtering device to achieve a better effect, hope that through the above simple introduction, can help you effectively master about this type of filter should be considered in the design of the basic elements.

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