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by:Booguan     2020-11-09
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in the filter, air filter products mesh is an integral part of a product, in use process, there are users asked, air filter mesh often need to change? What is the method of replacement? According to these two questions, experienced people gave you an answer, hope to be able to help you easily solve the problem, the correct use of the product.

air filter mesh as an essential product, the inside of the filter unit in use process there is a big help, it can put the dust and dirty material to filter out of the outside world, but after using for a period of time, the filter will have a lot of dust and impurities attached on the above, if you don't clean up in time, can cause congestion, surface filter effect gradually becomes poor, lose the filtering effect. So it is very necessary to replace the air filter products mesh, as for the change of frequency, can be combined with the actual situation, the general users can in a month to once every three months to replace it.

so how to replace the air filter products mesh? Actually change the way it is not difficult, users need to use outside screw nut is turned on, the shell removed, remove the filter net. To install the new filter net in nut and tighten. Replace the filter mesh specifications size should be the same as the original, with the user requirements more strict, even the brand to be the same as before, actually such devices have greater good.

if the user to open the enclosure, found the net surface is not very dirty, by cleaning can deal with dirt and impurities, also can need not change, direct out clean. Looking for a big basin, with warm water, pour some detergent, and then put the filter net in immersion, about fifteen minutes later, out and rinse off with clear water, then dry it. Users need to remember that this kind of air filter mesh can't use high temperature baking, easy to cause the surface deformation, deformation after it won't be able to use again. Dry the filter net, installed directly.

air filter mesh often need to change? What is the method of replacement? Above have experience for everyone to do a very detailed analysis, the user can also directly to the actual situation to select a replacement or is clean, in a nutshell, the degree of clean air filter mesh directly affects the use effect, so the user should pay more attention to it.

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