Air filter maintenance don't forget to improve product life skills

by:Booguan     2020-11-11

air filter products, as the name suggests, work in the air environment, filter and some impurities such as dust in the air or gas. In the demand for higher environment, of course, may have to filter out what we can't see, such as: microbial, biological molecules, such as with the naked eye can't see things, then you know what's in the air filter in the life application? Answers are below.

in the daily life of common air filter application is the air cleaner, this product also slowly become daily household necessities, at the end of the day or because the cause of the air quality is becoming more and more worrying. There is a layer of air filter in the air purifier is what we often see, this layer mesh is merchants and more attention by the chamber of commerce in product manufacturing. Many people tend to when the choose and buy air purifier is grappling with the quality of the air filter, a lot of people think the air in the air purifier mesh quality, the higher the better, but few people know this is a myth. Better air purifier is suitable for oneself, in the air purifier several balance performance.

in an indoor main air purifier is to 'dirty' air, adsorption to the body, and then treated with internal release good clean air. The whole process, we played a important role for it is not hard to see the air filter, it is good or bad directly affect the release of air quality. Now on the market of the air filter has three layers, there are five layers or more, so air mesh concrete will work? The following answer for you.

air filter is mainly composed of three kinds of mesh:

1, the early effect screen: this is the mesh of the outer air filter, mainly is the absorption of tiny dust and particulate matter in the air, blocking some of the bigger particle pollution. Early because of the mesh filter area is very small, so the adsorption of indoor air in a big point of the pollutants at the same time, the early effect filter also have played an important role in protecting other mesh.

2, activated carbon filter: the role of this layer mesh mainly is the odor and smell, can remove indoor to harm human body such as indoor smoke gas absorption, adsorption ability is limited. Activated carbon filter purification effect will also affected by the activated carbon content, size, material quality and so on.

3, HEPA filter, this filter can be said to be the air filter more expensive and more important in the mesh. HEPA filter in Chinese means high efficiency filter, HEPA filter is pore is small, the advantages of the air can pass but tiny micro star will be intercepted. This is equivalent to the air pollutants are again more detailed filter, HEPA filter is made of very small, organic fiber woven for indoor particle capture ability strong, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency.

now we know that the air filter products in the life of common application is air purifier, and air filter products plays an important role in the purifier, can be said to be the lack of it. At the same time, the quality of the air filter to match condition is better. After all when the choose and buy is to understand this.

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