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by:Booguan     2020-11-09
Filter cotton

people were worried about air pollution problem, so I pay special attention to the filter industry. cotton is important part of it can have the effect of air filtration product purification, especially against pollution gas is very effective. The product market, has been the industry welcome and recognition.

air filter is very obvious, it can have the effect of air filter, can be a role for most of the dust particles. At present this kind of filter cotton material is different, can use non-woven fabric production, and can use synthetic fiber filter cotton, some manufacturers also use glass fiber. Of course, with the development of social industry at present, the classification of filter cotton, itself can be made into activated carbon filter cotton, so there are still wide on the material selection of space. Some filter cotton also can be used in high temperature environment, further enhance its popularity.

if to check from the perspective of national standard, air filtration cotton is classified, mainly in the early, middle and high three stages as partition system; But if the Angle to see from the target, the classification of the air filter products cotton would be more complete, that it varies from G1 to G4, in addition to F5 to F8, etc.

if you want to understand the filtering effect, must want to classify a judgement. For work at the beginning of filter cotton, it is on the dust particles must not be less than 5 microns, we often see it in the ventilation, some air control system can also use this type of filter cotton, can be said to be the good choice in the filtration system. It is frequently used in outdoor, and often combined with plate filter is used.

but if it is in effect filter cotton, it is on the main dust particles is not less than 1 mu m, can play a major role in the secondary management, also often used in the plate filter. If you want to analyzing the typical application of air filter cotton, we will see it in various industrial applications. Common is air-conditioning, and industrial waste gas treatment, etc. , can say that the existence of the air filter products cotton has made a great contribution to prevent pollution, but also an indispensable part of enterprises of some industries.

if the customer has custom demand, air filtration cotton also can separate processing, and together with other filter equipment better. At present the size of the filter cotton very much, everybody to buy need to follow the basic considerations, to pay attention to the process of installation and conversion, to wider use of its function.

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