air filter from a cat food can

by:Booguan     2020-09-04
I bought a new one recently.
The old vehicle, it does not have an air filter products for the carburetor.
The first time I tried to find a failure at the auto parts store, so I made my own with an aluminum cat food jar and a stainless steel part of an old coffee machine I found.
The stainless steel screen of the coffee machine is very good, although it may not be as good as the paper filter.
At least it can keep cockroaches out.
Also, I can clean it up and continue to reuse it if it\'s blocked.
At the beginning of the design, a bunch of round holes were drilled at the bottom of the jar.
A hole on the vertical rod of the carburetor thread center the tank.
The next layer is a thin screen.
The top floor is a stainless steel circle on the coffee machine with round holes on it.
The end result: the engine blocked the mountain climbing due to lack of enough air.
The next improvement is to use the drill bit and the Nibler tool to cut larger holes in the tank (
Look at the next step).
For some reason I chose to use three arms and three holes.
Before trying, however, I noticed that there were four holes in the other round part of the coffee machine.
I changed a lot.
Hole round parts with 4-
Cut the can with 4 corresponding holes.
In this way, the holes are arranged for more direct air flow.
The car has been running well so far.
If the air filter is blocked, I can always clean it up with detergent and water and continue to use it.
There is no need to buy a replacement paper filter anymore.
The NUT and gasket fix the parts on the carburetor together.
There is pressure around the edge of the tank, not the center.
This link will take you to the article on the nibbler tool on Wikipedia.
As its name implies, it takes a tiny bite out of the sheet metal.
When you squeeze the handle, the bite Chin will close and bite some metal.
You can drill a hole, insert the head of the bite, and bite out a bigger hole.
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