Air filter filtration efficiency of the test is valid?

by:Booguan     2020-11-11
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in the process of actual use, air filter occupies a large role in the middle of the filter, and can also determine the filter efficiency, so a lot of people at the time of choosing equipment, will pay special attention to this type of filter material and the characteristics of the air filter filtration efficiency of the test is valid? We read in detail.

effective test method for filter efficiency of air filter products:

air filter can very good filtering air suspended particles, so as to create a comfortable and healthy air environment, but a different environment for air cleanliness requirements are different, and the types of filters on the market diversification, so using the filter element is also different, this time effective inspection its efficiency is very necessary.

method one: hard law

it is a kind of simple filtration efficiency measurement method, this method is mainly used for coarse effect, effect of air filter in the filter test, the test method is very simple, mainly put the filter element of the wind tunnel test after a period of time, will release the dust, and record the filter to absorb dust content, so you can check out the filter filtration efficiency.

method 2: colorimetric method

is often used in the efficient filter cartridge detection, measuring the need to take more than a micron dust as measuring material, using filter paper samples before and after the filter, after using the filter paper is put below the light source, using electric pipe densitometer for measuring, so can learn more about its filtering efficiency, but it is important to note that when measuring the size of the dust composition and particle size distribution.

method three: particle counter method

it is on the air filter products air filtration product efficiency measurement methods commonly used, this is mainly because of its accuracy is higher, in the clean room areas of application of very high requirements, the use of this test method, as long as to strong light illumination with dust in the air, when the dust passes through the filter element can appear light scattering, thus forming a pulse signal, so it can obtain the data filter filtration efficiency.

in the real test process, use the method according to the different situation of the air filter products is needed to select different detection methods, the only right way to ensure the accuracy of the final measurement, the existence of the real cases testing is necessary, it can not only check the quality of the material, also can make its use efficiency is guaranteed.

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