Air filter demand increased, the quality of life has risen steadily

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
Air air filtration product equipment

at present, the increasing need air filter, this filter has wide USES, usually used in biological pharmaceutical, hospitals, residential environment, etc. The effect of this filter is adsorption impurities in the air. are divided into coarse effect filter, in effect filter, high efficiency filter. Below for everyone to introduce these filters.

coarse effectively filter with non-woven fabric, metal silk screen, glass wool, nylon netting as filter material, the common effect of coarse filter automatic coiling herringbone air filters, automatic coiling plate type air filter, the CW type air filter, etc. Coarse effectively filter can be divided into the form of the structure with plate filter, folded filter, belt type and winding filter, etc. Efficient filter in the filter material are made of glass fiber synthetic fiber mat; best hepa filter with ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper as filter material, the gap is very small. speed is very slow, but very high filtration efficiency;

in order to keep the air clean effect, the high demand for air filters are generally a while will replace the air filter at a time. Nowadays, a lot of people with the improvement of quality of life, to indoor environment cleanliness requirements also more and more high, therefore, people also increased demand for air filter, select the appropriate air filter is very important.

when choosing air filter products, want to consider some conditions, at the time of purchase of filters, to see whether there is this product on the packaging of safety inspection, confirmed the use of the products conform to safety standards; Applicability, also consider to choose according to their demand for air filters for products; High-quality filter material stronger adsorption ability, it can adsorb more dust particles, high filtration efficiency, can play a role of ventilation;

in the process of installation and use, must be in accordance with the requirement for, to ensure that its use effect. Before the installation of air filters, should be carried out on indoor cleaning, if found to have dust, must be clean, meet the requirements of clean, can be installed.

in the maintenance of air filters, to fully understand the categories of filters, now the air filter products is mainly divided into two types, respectively, at the beginning of air filter and precision air filter two kinds, at the time of maintenance is to maintain, according to their different only in this way can better maintain the air filter, air filter and better play to its function. Give full play to its own value, in order to better meet customer demand for air filters.

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