Air filter cleaning don't have to worry about these methods of chemical filter unit is worth learning

by:Booguan     2020-11-22
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there are a lot of the kinds of filters, now the market is popular a kind of new wind chemical filter, filter unit but no matter what kinds of filter, after using a period of time, the dust in the air will adhere to the above, and some stains will be more and more. If not timely cleaning, dust and stains will jam filter, eventually lead to can't normal use, greatly reduces the efficiency of filtering. So how to fresh chemical filter filter to do a good job of cleaning crew? Experienced users did this, it is known that effect was very good.

want to clean fresh air unit chemical filters filter, because it is usually installed inside the filter, so it is removed in the first place, some filter net is not very easy removal, every local cohesion very closely, especially the first time I remove, need the shell off, and then remove the filter. Remove the filter, is sure need to take one screw screw down, then install back, all the screws are in a position, then can not lack one.

second, after filter removed, you can soak in clear water prepared in advance, control the water temperature 30 degrees Celsius. Users will see on the screen of a layer of dust and stains can soak down gradually. Of course, not all the stains will soak down, some intractable also on the screen, this time would require users to use the soft hair brush scrub. Must be carefully, otherwise it's easy to filter the above a layer of paint is brushed, affect beautiful.

third, clean the filter cannot be installed directly back, should be dry, otherwise easy to cause accident getting an electric shock. But bear in mind that user can't in the sun exposure, and on the fire roasted, it's so easy to roast the filter net surface deformation. Simple way is the natural drying, can also use the blower to dry.

after the fresh air unit chemical filter screen pack reinstall back, remove the screw is screwed down should be left intact back on. Fresh air filter products cleaning chemical filter unit work is not difficult, but in the middle of the process, some trivial, but in any case, should be separated for a period of time to clean strainer or stain is too much, too much dust will affect the normal use of the equipment.

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