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by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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air and our lives are closely linked, nobody dare to say out of the air he was able to survive. Now you need to the development of the industry so fast we more concern about air quality. In cities like Beijing perennial suffering the influence of the fog, stay at home can guarantee that their breathing into the pure air. Such hot weather in summer, each is essential to the air conditioning, air conditioning air conditioning screen pack inside need regular cleaning: you know what? A lot of problems are ac filter dirty be blocked these you know? After a lot of people in the home use air conditioning don't know how to maintain, proper maintenance can prolong the use of air conditioning, also can ensure the quality of the room air, air conditioning is internal gas cycle, you know.

air conditioning often meet some trouble now let's look at:

1, found that air conditioning refrigeration and heating effect is not obvious, this time should be filter been clogged up with dirt, air filter products is dirty. If found around the air conditioning temperature is very low, but not low indoor temperature is also belong to the said phenomenon.

2, filter dirty dust accumulated on the surface of the evaporator, condensed water into the water tray, will plug water tray of a long period of time.

3, dust blocked filter, fan blades are dust adhesion, fan blowing air volume will be smaller, with the increase of noise and the outlet of the air volume is not stable.

4, dust filter, heating when the surface temperature of the evaporator will be too high, the main board testing after heating time get longer, the outdoor fan will turn when stop, cooling time have this phenomenon.

5, accidentally filter dirty jams, refrigeration evaporator surface temperature is low, when the mainboard didn't do cold anti-icing protective, indoor machine will leak.

the above reason is because of ac filter is too dirty jams cause. Below small make up to introduce the air conditioning filter maintenance methods:

1, the early effect and the effect of the air conditioning cleaning filter need to be in a month time, if the environmental dust more in a month also need to increase the number of cleaning. Efficient air conditioning filters need to clear in time and replace according to the instruction manual.

2, cleaning air conditioning screen pack when needed 40 degrees of warm water, at the time of cleaning can't use hand to knead, dirty when you need to use detergent decontamination, without dirty can be water spray directly.

air conditioning is a commonly used machinery and equipment in our lives, we need to know the basic information to do a simple. Above is a small fleet air conditioning mesh at ordinary times should pay attention to the point of doing summary. Different filter air filtration product efficiency will be different, maintaining the time also can have differences. Dust too much air conditioning environment, needs in a timely manner to clean air conditioning mesh, or it will affect the use fixed number of year of air conditioning, also consumes more electricity. Small make up in the end still want to remind you that air conditioning filter must be dry after clean, remove everything on the surface of the water after installed in the correct way. To install, need to pay attention to the face of positive and negative of air flow. If the air conditioning filter installed backwards, the use of air conditioning effect will be the other way around.

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