Air conditioning of bag filter technology development will influence the filter area?

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
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air conditioners are useful in our daily life, use is also very common, it can effectively improve people's quality of life, of course, the different kinds of air conditioning, the environment is different, use of facilities is also different, air conditioning facilities of bag filter is applied to air conditioning, so how to guarantee the quality of this equipment? We see below in detail.

method to ensure the quality of air bag filter itself:

actually in the process of actual use, if you want to guarantee the quality of equipment, not only when choosing to ensure the quality, but also pay attention to the manufacturer's option, be sure to select high qualification, but also should pay attention to how they provide equipment brand reputation, only choose good reputation, high quality equipment, can be in the later use, get a good experience.

process of choice, of course, want to see quality also need to professional inspection equipment, the filter industry, have three inspection methods, main is to see the degree of precision equipment, these three methods are: sodium flame method, oil mist, DOP.

sodium flame method mainly leaks detection equipment, is one of our professional testing standard, test process need the sodium salt of lit as dust, salt water splashing in the role of compressed air, then will be condensed into a small crystals, entering the air duct; This time the experimenters have to do is the filter before and after sampling, so you can know the air filtration product efficiency of the equipment, but the effect is not very obvious.

oil mist method with sodium flame method detection technique is very similar, but the test method of oil mist is oil mist, dust source it is judged by the amount of oil mist air turbidity, the subjects before and after using this method is need to pass the filter air turbidity of oil mist to determine the process of the equipment efficiency, and, of course, this method also has its own deficiencies, such as it can be easily in the process of testing for the damage to the equipment, operation process is very complex, test time is very long.

of DOP method in industry is often use a method, it is the dust source of phthalate fat, operation principle and method of oil mist is similar, but the use of this method will not cause damage to equipment, and test period, with this method and matching test instrument, capable of direct measurement equipment.

so when choosing air bag filter, if you want to ensure the quality, not only to master various skills of choose and buy, but also to master professional knowledge of equipment, such as the test methods and so on, so remind everyone demanders, before the choose and buy, be sure to do market research, and do a good job in all aspects of the understand before.

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