Air conditioning in the use of bag filter need to pay attention to

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
Filtration equipment

want to make the use of air conditioning bag filter more smoothly, some things are in the process of using the equipment must be noticed, if ignore these things, may result in equipment operation is not very smooth, may also affect the air conditioning effects of bag filter, then what should notice? Wo yi small make up for everyone to carry on the simple analysis on this issue.

1, regular inspection on air bag filter. In the process of using the equipment, we need to understand the equipment running smoothly, whether there is a jam phenomenon, whether there is any breakage, equipment instrument of the numerical value is normal, etc. If found abnormal operation, need you understand the problem of abnormal in time, and to solve.

2, pay attention to air conditioning bag filter cleaning maintenance regularly. Air bag filter is the need of cleaning maintenance on a regular basis, cleaning frequency combines the condition of equipment and the working situation, need users to adjust in time, and in the process of cleaning, some questions also need to pay attention to, such as the use of cleaner must be neutral detergent, pay attention to the cleaning method can't keep the equipment damage, at the same time also need to master the methods of the removal of equipment and spare parts to dry.

3, pay attention to air conditioning parts replacement bag filter installation method. After long time use of equipment, equipment parts and components may exist the phenomenon of damage, the need to replace parts, let the equipment can run smoothly. Bag filter in the replacement of air conditioning parts, the first to notice to protect parts done, do not disassemble the parts of the outer packing before is not installed. Pay attention to the correct installation components, while installing the replacement parts need to be done on the surrounding environment before cleaning, also need to clean equipment after the installation is complete, let air conditioning can maintain better cleaning bag filter state.

want better use of air conditioning, bag filter in use process need to pay attention to the above three aspects, one aspect is the time to check, let oneself can definite bag filter for air conditioning, know whether the equipment is abnormal, the second is to do regular cleaning and maintenance, let the equipment running in good condition, again is to master the correct method of equipment maintenance and installation disassembly method.

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