Air-conditioning filter and dismantling should pay attention to?

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
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air conditioning mesh to use after a period of time, will have to clean the dismantling it down so you can continue to play a role of filter, also can let people realize the good capability of air purification. When it comes to air filter products and dismantling method, how much do you know? These will be helpful to everyone.

we often use air conditioning, especially at the time of season alternation, both industrial and household life, we all should to air conditioning for maintenance. Because, after the use of a quarter of ac filter will accumulate a lot of dust, still perhaps can enter the foreign body, therefore, to understand simple air conditioning mesh dismantling of the note is very necessary.

first according to the instruction we find air conditioning shell, there is little card slot device, pull open is very simple. But in order to ensure that the daily use of air conditioning effect, some manufacturers set up a dual device will be on the inside and outside, so we must look at the structure of the air conditioning internal. Air-conditioning filter installation location is marked, the purpose is convenient cleaning, directly to let them out of card slot, off line. Mainly is the water cleaning way, if it is too dirty, can also use a soft brush. You do not install directly, be sure to complete ventilation after drying procedure to deal with, such ability to extend the service life of air conditioning.

if you observe air conditioning mesh structure, will find that, whatever material, most of the air conditioning filter are not elastic structure, so you don't intentionally stretch, don't bend. Also, check the air conditioning filter structure whether have damage, if there is damage must be replaced, it is important to note that in the process of cleaning mesh density, so be very careful.

so, as long as find the location of the air filter products, clean up actually very simple, and many manufacturers in the sales of related equipment will come with tools, so that people can be directly use tools to clean up. Some air conditioning in order to enhance the use function, but also on the equipment added some black particles, the goal is to make filtering effect is better, so more attention should be paid to the location of the air conditioner filter.

know after the air conditioning filter cleaning method, people can use practice. Some air conditioning can use for many years, is the result of the maintenance. At ordinary times should also listen to the air conditioning in the process of before if there is a sound, so that we can timely find all sorts of problems in the process of using.

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