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by:Booguan     2020-09-07
Why is portable air conditioner?
Portable air conditioning is just a powerful cooling device that can bring cold to the big room, but can be moved from place to place.
Window air conditioning is designed as a window to stay there more or less permanently.
If you \'ve ever tried to move one of these monsters to a different window, you know it\'s hard and it\'s not usually appropriate.
On the other hand, portable air conditioners are to be moved.
They easily roll from room to room and provide you with cool air where and when you need it.
Since our central air conditioning unit was running last summer, we got the portable unit and we were very satisfied with the way it works with our lifestyle.
If you have a bigger house or apartment with no central air conditioning or if your central air conditioning unit is dying, then the portable air conditioning unit may be an answer.
My family faced a problem last summer.
Our central air conditioner is running out and it actually stops working for up to a week at a time.
It seems correct when the heat and humidity reach their peak, and our house quickly becomes so hot that it is almost unlivable.
The night is the worst.
Sleeping at temperatures above 80 degrees and 100% humidity is hopeless.
Without our air conditioning means there is no cold air at the hottest time of year.
It will cost thousands of dollars to replace it.
We talked about installing the window unit, but with the day and night we move from room to room, and it will cost thousands to install enough window units in each room, it\'s a disaster for our energy bill.
Then I learned about a new air conditioner, which is exactly what we need.
Separate, super efficient air conditioning unit.
Portable air conditioning can save you money. These devices can be moved to where you are, so you don\'t have to buy more than one.
This is one of the best things about our portable air conditioning, we can move it anytime, anywhere, which means that if we decide we want to live in different parts of the house now, we don\'t need to go out and buy a new unit.
Portable air conditioning is easy to pick up and move, of course, it\'s not as light as a fan, but you can move it without much trouble, you just need a nearby window to vent it.
When the hot months come and our central air-conditioning unit is up and running, we can pick up the cold air and move it to a new room if this is where we will be for a while.
Since it can cool almost any size room, we can put it in my study room, my wife\'s sewing room, even in the big living room, we will have lovely coolness, work in a dry environment or just relax.
If your central air conditioner suddenly stops working, you get stuck.
You can fight back if you have a portable air conditioner.
In the heat of that summer, our central air-conditioning unit would not start at all, let us sweat and sweating the back, and the tension was that at the worst time in the Midwest in July, we have no cool air at all.
At that time we had a child, a baby, who was not very good at temperature and humidity.
Once, I took him out and drove long distances in the air --
A conditional car because I\'m really worried about his health!
On other days our central air-conditioning unit was running well, which we never knew.
We called the repairman. -
It cost $80 as soon as it came out, plus parts and hourly repairs.
We had already spent thousands of dollars when he finished the task and still had a less than ideal air conditioner.
So we waited and it was fine the next day. A lower-
Portable devices priced like Honeywell 12,000 btu can do this and keep hundreds in our pockets.
We spent a bit of money investing in an affordable portable air conditioner that adds to your comfortable living space, not just hoping it will start day by day.
I don\'t think it\'s going to be a life.
But after a few days, it was clear that we stumbled upon something very cool and useful.
We basically stopped trying to use our crumbling old central air conditioner, but turned almost entirely to a portable one.
Our house is cool where and when we want to go, we don\'t have to worry about the old house dying on us at worst.
It wasn\'t that bad last summer, at least in the country we live in.
But the one before was terrible.
As the Earth warms, we can expect more of these summers in the future.
Either humans need to get used to sitting still and sweating, or we come up with a realistic way to avoid a serious disaster.
At the same time, we have no choice but to find as many ways as possible to prevent overheating.
The new office, hobby or TV room may sound strange, but it\'s true ---
Your portable air conditioner makes your home bigger.
This means that the rooms and spaces used to be too hot or sultry, or not as comfortable as the house in hot weather, and now as a place to hang out, sleep and live in general, I\'m back in the game.
You may find that you really don\'t realize how you basically return to a few more livable spaces in your home due to the temperature,, when you plug in the portable air conditioner, that previously hot and sultry room becomes a cold and comfortable space for kids to watch TV, or for older kids to play video games, or your own office or hobby room.
Another advantage of comfortable rooms with portable air conditioning is to provide guests with cool and comfortable rooms.
Rooms are usually too hot or too cold, and one of the units is not only a practical way to make the space popular, but also a sign that they can see, which you care about.
Since I got the portable air conditioner, I \'ve come to realize that I don\'t have to endure the heat if I don\'t want.
When Mercury climbed in July and August and the sticky air started to make me miserable, I realized that I had always had power.
Just need a relatively cheap unit to free my house and my family and control the situation.
Right now, I\'m not too worried about the central air conditioning going out or the guests having to sleep in it --hot room.
One of the more powerful units, such as Whynter 14,000 btu Portable, is able to step in when the central air conditioner is not enough to make everyone happy.
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