Air compressor primary filter, secondary filter, air compressor filter principle is what?

by:Booguan     2020-11-10
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air filter, whether in the family, or business unit in the factory, is a very common equipment, with the increase in the customer's requirements, the classification of equipment also gradually more up, then today let air filter manufacturer to analyse the classification of the equipment, help the masses of users to easily select and use.

air filter manufacturer said, now there are plenty of classification of air filters, but each has a different application, so the user must be combined with the actual needs of their choice.

the priority, in the air filter. This kind of equipment is to use a combination of synthetic fibers and galvanized iron, and now has a variety of different efficiency provided to users, including 40 - 60-45% 65%, 80 - 85%, and 90 - 95%. This type of filter is commonly used in industry, commerce, hospitals and schools and other places, these places is not very tall to the requirement of clean air cleanliness, so the equipment is adequate to meet the needs of users. Gas turbine inlet equipment installation is preferred or is installed in the computer room, it is of great help to the service life of equipment.

in the second place, at the beginning of air filter. Mainly suitable for hitting filter in some air conditioning and ventilation system, or is used in the local high efficiency filter, the filtering material is non-woven equipment use, aluminum foil mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, etc. , is common material, but it is a good using effect, can avoid secondary pollution.

third, DC, DZ type coarse bag filter. This kind of equipment of filter material used in the beginning, non-woven, cold plate coating as framework, product is a large amount of dust capacity, resistance is very small, when cleaning is very simple, and installation, etc. Users can complete yourself, according to the use of environment and the choice of material is different, so the level of air filtration product efficiency is also not the same.

4, high efficiency filter. This is very common, is suitable for room temperature, often wet, allow a trace acid such as air filter products, filtering efficiency of the device is higher than other types of filters, resistance is big, but the equipment capacity is small. Based on these characteristics, so the equipment is often used in the aerospace business, and in the field of electronic, pharmaceutical, and so on more sophisticated. Above is the air filter products manufacturer to analysis of some equipment classification, help you easily.

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