Air bag filter is good what are the characteristics of the product

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
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air conditioning filter is in the air conditioning can't or lack of products, now the style of the filter has a lot of kinds, each has its own advantages, with the needs of users more up, air conditioning, bag filter and is now the user's preferred. Then air conditioning products characteristics of bag filter? Use effect is good? What did we see those who are experienced have analysis.

air conditioning products characteristics of bag filter are many, based on the analysis of experienced people, first, the structure of bag filter is very compact, in all the right size, easy installation, no need to remove a lot of parts, and the area is very small.

second, air filtration product precision is high. Product air filtration product precision is user value, the higher filtration precision, then the filtering effect is better, some very small particles can be product filtering word, it is understood that the product of the filter in the range is 0. 5 - 200 microns.

third, within the unit area, filtering processing flow is very big, and air filtration product resistance is small, it also improved the efficiency of the filter, which reduces the processing cost, this is good for the user.

4, the application of air bag filter is, in fact is not only used in air conditioning, still have a rough and fine filtration and so on are very appropriate, the service life of the product for a long time, you can create more value for users.

5, bag filter can be avoid the effect of cleaning, and replacement of the liquid can be completed within six minutes, saving time and effort.

6, specifications. Because of air conditioning type, brand, specifications, and so on is different, so the air conditioning of the specifications of the bag filter type also is varied, the user can combine all aspects of the air conditioning to choose when the choice. With low pressure type, top entry type, horizontal, etc. , style, wide selection, to a greater degree to help users solve more problems, also because of this, so to win the attention and recognition of countless people.

what air conditioning products characteristics of bag filter? Above is the characteristics of analysis of the experience for everyone, but the characteristics of the product is not just limited to the above, there are many are invisible to the user, the technology is constantly improve, there will be better in the future development of technology application on the product, to create greater value for the user, experience better use effect, this is the user value.

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