after 40,000 miles with an alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio, our heart is broken

by:Booguan     2020-09-02
From Car and Driver 40,000-Mile Wrap-
We knew it when we were 14.
This month\'s relationship with Alpha Romeo giuliya sifiglio, we can\'t get rid of it completely.
This is not the relationship.
And not that kind of car.
No, on the contrary, we will continue to return to Giulia no matter how it betrayed us.
Mainly because we have an obligation to do this 40,000-mile test.
But we can\'t give up either.
We rarely hope that the cars we have will be more successful than we have in Alpha cars.
We are rarely disappointed all the time.
We walked this way before.
Take a look at our comments on \"post-80\" and \"Post-90\" Alpha Milan and 164 cars.
They are shoddy craft, fragmented electronics, and non-forced false recordings, even if they are interspersed with enthusiastic praise.
This is the reputation of the old Alfas, and many employees still firmly believe that for a long time,
Milan was burned in the parking lot of a local shopping center.
There is no evidence of this.
But a few decades ago, there was
Milan\'s test was terminated after a series of tragic comedy failures.
We hope to have a better giuliya Quadrifoglio.
The first time we saw this model, we were fascinated.
A 4-wheel drive beat a BMW M3, a Cadillac ATS
A Mercedes-Benz-
In the comparison test of 2017, AMG C63 S.
We gave it the name, it was beautifully balanced with its twin little Giuliaturbocharged 2. 0-liter inline-
Four, our list of 2018 of the 10 best cars.
We ordered Giulia QF at the earliest opportunity and painted fresh blood in the $2200 Rosso Competizione paint. The sinister-looking, dark-finish five-hole 19-
The extra cost of the inch wheel is $500.
It cost US $1200 and we got our Giulia full of alpha drivers
Auxiliary function (lane-
Departure warning, adaptive cruise control and automatic highBeam Headlights)
Because we should test these things, right?
We added carbon.
Installed fibers on the steering wheel for $400, and regretted that they didn\'t help anything with the experience of watching or driving a car.
Besides, we are not obsessed with carbon fiber.
We passed the two most expensive options for QF, $3500 in carbon emissions --fiber-
Supported Sparco Division seats and $8000 in carbon emissions
Ceramic brake rotor.
The standard seat has strong support, adjustable height and convenient access.
The iron brakes provide amazing stopping power.
Say we\'re eager for the 1500 recommended by the combustion engine-mile break-
It will be a huge understatement during this period.
Our honeymoon lasted 2400 miles.
Then Julia let us down for the first time.
We haven\'t taken a preliminary test of its track yet, a-650.
Our Giulia ignited the warning and inspection of \"service electronic throttle control --engine light.
The car is still running, but its mode selector doesn\'t work, locking the car in the standard suspension and powertrain settings.
Once it\'s back near our Michigan headquarters, we take it to the dealer, who can\'t find the reason for the warning, and in any case, the warning is gone.
However, while crawling around the car for a week, dealer technicians found a small coolant leak.
Tightening the loose hose card will clog the flow of water.
This event is called foreshadowing.
Problems without identifiable causes are always disturbing, even if they disappear themselves.
But with the car back to full power and functionality, we started adding praise to the log for Giulia Quadrifoglio.
Despite some unpleasant but reasonable complaints about the quality of the internal materials being out of order and the sensitive reaction of the brakes --by-
Cable system, we paid a huge price for the giuliya. Its 505-hp twin-turbocharged 2. 9-liter V-
Even if it\'s still rough, it\'s an absolute gem.
At idle speed, the engine shudders through the body of the car.
In dynamics and competitions, the four modes of QF athletes (
Including natural and advanced efficiency)
The accelerator pedal turns into a hair trigger, ZF eight-
Speed automatically triggers the speed and best double of shifts
The exhaust notes become angry and loud when they fall (
Whether it\'s a large aluminum shift dial or a computer instinct).
This thing is buzzing with restless energy.
It feels as close to life as any car on the market at the moment.
And turn.
Oh, my God, steering wheel!
It is soft and light, directed by a relatively thin person
Trim steering wheel.
It became Athletic.
The cars on their heads turned to specifications.
Very pleasant.
Thanks to the fast steering and super-aggressive Pirelli pzero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 tyres, the QF turns in an instant way that should make highway driving nervousracking chore. But it\'s not.
Even on the short side walls and the chassis is adjusted to handle all the power, Giulia rides with a shocking lack of severity.
We are in love.
After driving 4100 miles on odo, we finally got the car to the test track, where it reached 60 miles per hour in 3 minutes.
6 seconds, run Quarter-mile in 11.
8 at a speed of 122 miles per hour, around the skateboard at a speed of 0.
98g, park at 70 miles an hour for 145 feet miles.
It also managed to issue a \"service electronic throttle control\" warning again.
Go back to the dealer we went.
The dealer replaced the fuel pump during the warranty period.
For the remaining 12 months of the test, we reached a routine with Giulia: Pray in vain that the problem is no longer interspersed with pure driving fun.
We were happy when we could finish the long drive without arranging a dealer visit.
This is a state of sadness.
When we drove the car in for 10,000
Miles service, we lost 31 days of use. Thirty-one days!
This is because, in addition to the oil change and inspection we requested, we complained onceend whine.
The dealer diagnosed the sound as bearing noise from the differential.
After the dealer consulted Alpha\'s support, the solution was to replace diff.
The problem is that it must be ordered.
Then, when it finally arrived, the single alpha technology was overwhelmed by the work --
The overworked alpha technology is a shade for Yang of Metage repairman.
So for a month we drove a $300 Chrysler instead of a $79,595 Alpha.
Regular services cost $169, but delays cost most of our patience.
After about 8500 miles, it seems that our QF is ill.
It believes in its engine.
The oil level is very low and a warning is issued.
However, the oil level is still good.
So the dealer reheated the sensor.
Then at 23,000 miles, our old nemesis \"service electronic throttle control\" warning lights up again.
No fault was found by the dealer.
This happens again at 34,000 miles when the technician finds a connector that is not fully in place and changes it.
At 27,000 miles, a staff member was greeted by kaleidoscope-like lights. and-
Sound performance when driving out of the driveway-By car wash.
The car warned that the back door was open and the steering signal failed.
The attention was mixed, and for the remaining 10 minutes of his commute, the faulty parking sensor muttered.
Then it stopped.
Never happened again.
At 31,000 miles, low.
The oil light was on again during a long drive.
Again, the oil level is actually very good.
To the end of Julia 19
After a day in the store, the dealer refreshed the sensor, replaced the sensor, and then brought an engineer to update the software for the sensor. Sigh.
Regular service station, 10,000-
It costs $169, $223, $786 and $251 a mile. The 30,000-
Mileage service includes new spark plug for $49
If you include the cost of screwing them in, there will be more.
We replaced the windshield for $1209.
We bought a new front tire for $295 as it produced side wall bubbles.
Rears dropped to a rope of 12,000 miles and after using 15,000 miles, the front was worn out. A low-
At the end of our test, the speed traffic accident and raccoon strike cost $3529 to repaint the front fascia and replace the headlights.
In addition, we replaced the front brake pads and twisted rotors for $1191.
But it\'s not expensive earplugs, it\'s not short.
The tires that bother us the most.
This is the ridiculous frequency and duration of Giulia\'s stay at the dealer.
During the 14 months with us, the giulians spent 80 days outside the commission.
This is unforgivable.
We go from advising people to buy giuliah QFs, to advising them to rent giuliah QFs, to advising them to stay completely away from giuliah QFs.
Julia, you broke our hearts.
You hurt our hearts.
This is not an internal $80,000.
I\'m not sure if its interior is $50,000.
-Alexander stocklosey will be content with cheap interiors when a car is driving so well.
David Beard is just a prediction: no one will buy the car when we finish it.
-Jeff sabatinibo in the glass distorted the rear view.
-Mike sutttonzf 8-
High speed bashing home wideopen-
Throttle is the same as the best double throttleClutch.
-Dave van der WIPP 505-
Hp beast is a very meek highway cruiser: compliant driving, quiet exhaust, good line of sight.
The Joey CapparellaThe shift dial is perfect in material, position and feel.
-Rusty black paint rips, snores and bounces like a naughty puppy, and turns are sacred when you push it on a good road.
-Available wood-Daniel GolsonIt-shop-
Scented interior: an exciting mixture of glue, burning wood, and sawdust.
When everyone was surprised that a $80,000 new car didn\'t get them trapped, Jeff Sabatini was sad.
This is a toy that attracts lovers very much.
The bad thing is that its poor reliability makes it a bad transport device.
-This car is prone to major and minor faults. Shouldn\'t the warning light be brighter?
-Anne White\'s brakes are harder to adjust than any other new car when trying to drive gently.
-Dave van der WIPP was in the middle of the rain on the highway and it was a bit weird as if it was on marble or ice.
-David Beard.
We should probably know that we will eventually reach this point, but it doesn\'t bring any satisfaction now that we are here.
That\'s what we said: Trouble-filled 30,000-
Plus our long distance miles
We have officially begun to criticize the periodic warning lights that appear on its dashboard.
Please note that we do not mean that we complain that the warning light is on (
Although there are many)
But actually criticized the position, color and brightness of the warning itself.
Hey, the critics will criticize.
But it is very shameful to show that people are very familiar with false and true warnings.
We have recorded a large number of sightings of \"check engine\" and \"service electronic throttle\" warnings.
In fact, they stopped raising our heart rate.
Since we updated Giulia to you last time, electronic-
The throttle warning pops up once (
About 34,000 miles).
The dealer found a connector not in place and replaced it.
This seems to have solved the problem so far.
About 3000 miles ago, on a long highway, an editor noticed a \"low oil\" warning, but only cycled the ignition after the gasoline stopped.
A text message appeared between the meters to remind us of this problem.
Was the warning issued earlier in the drive and was not noticed?
Perhaps, our staff felt that the light was relatively dim and integrated with the rest of the instrument reading.
But no harm.
The inspection of the oil ruler confirmed that the warning light was not only dim, but also dim.
Oil level good.
We took Julia to our dealer, where the technicians groped for about a week and a half.
First of all, they refresh the system that works great.
Next, they replaced the oil.
Also does not work the level sensor.
Then the technician brought in an engineer for the software update and finally solved the problem.
We didn\'t spend much money, but we spent a lot of time with little patience.
Thousands of miles before that, a Giulia driver was welcomed by a festival of lights and sounds that would make Carnival\'s fairways proud.
After washing the car in the morning, Julia warned that the back door was open and the steering signal was invalid.
The constant concentration is mixed together, and whenever the speed of the car is below the activation threshold, a warning beep from the faulty parking sensor is issued.
This is a soundtrack that might be useful in CIA black.
On-site interrogation.
Then it stopped and hasn\'t come back yet.
Not even after many trips to the car wash and about 8000 miles.
We also bought a piece of windshield for $50.
We went back to our 20K dealership.
Miles service but failed to replace the cabin and engine air filter products.
The new one adds up to $162. The 30,000-
The usual cost of oil, oil filters and inspections at mile services and six new earplugs cost an amazing $786.
The price of each one is $49.
Oh, we also hit Julia at a very low speed into the back of another car and hit a raccoon at a higher speed.
As we write this, we are considering the estimate of the car.
It has been difficult recently.
It is sad that in the era of Giulia, electronic fault and service issues have taken our lead.
Driving is a pleasure when it works properly.
This is the most valuable and exciting car on the market today.
But this is frustrating for us and we can\'t recommend anyone to buy one with a clear conscience.
Lease could be another story.
Fleet monthly: 13 months current mileage: 35,142 miles average fuel economy: 19 mpg tank size: 15.
Fuel range observed by 3 gal: 290 mile service: $1340 normal wear: $757 repair: $0 damage and damage: $153420,000-
Mile update what do we like: we love it when our lovely Alpha Romeo Giulia sifiglio is not in dealer service bay for a long time.
Miracles will never stop, nothing has happened recently --
Just some quick access, both scheduled and unplanned.
For more details on unplanned visits since our last update of 15,000 miles, see below.
As planned, we have our dealers perform 20,000-
The $223 mileage service is equivalent to oil change and inspection.
As always, we love the surprisingly soft riding quality of Giulia (
For its performance capability).
We like the road too.
More than we thought it would make Julia stumble. Yes, its super-
Fast steering makes it a bit dark but long
Considering how tight it looked at the beginning, the traction drive calmed down unexpectedly.
The backward burst and the exhaust emits a healthy \"Blat!
This is another activity we like best.
What we don\'t like is: Look, we don\'t want to say that, but we\'re pretty sure that the giulians have become suspicious.
Sometimes, traumatic events, especially those involving a catastrophic sexual health scare, can even push the otherwise stable means of transport into the cycle of anxiety --
Related Diseases
If you are interested in what happened to us here, please see below.
The other things we don\'t like about Giulia are: the same old sensitive brake pedal, and none of the staff has a consistent, smooth brake in town.
We were not too happy that the tyres had to be replaced at a speed of 14,000 miles.
When we changed to a new pair for $757, they had collapsed.
But given that Pirelli pzero Corsa has a pedal wear rating of only 60 and the great power of the Alpha, we are not surprised by their short life span.
We are thinking of changing Corsas to something that is not very sticky for 2019 summer.
In the coming months, Michelin will continue to use the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 winter tyres.
What\'s wrong: at least a few things have gone wrong since our last update.
Nothing went wrong, however.
This is because every time Giulia Quadrifoglio has indicated a problem recently, there is nothing wrong with it.
This behavior is wrong. Let us explain.
At 18,486 miles, our Julia warned us that the price of oil was very low. But it wasn\'t.
The dealer\'s technicians told us that we only need to re-calibrate the sensor. And that non-
The problem never comes again.
But at 23,673 miles, our \"service electronic throttle control\" message lights up again.
The car seems to be fully operational, but, given our previous experience with this particular warning, we feel the need to take it seriously.
At the dealer, the lights went out and no errors were found by the technicians.
The other problem is not actually solved.
If this is our private car, we will always be in a state of high anxiety.
It\'s all sorts of excitement, it\'s just not the kind of 505 we crave-HP sports car
Where did we go: the early problems of Giulia, and the recent feign, have shaken our confidence in the car.
But somehow this does not stop many employees from traveling long distances in QF.
Over the past 15,000 miles or so, the giulians visited distant places such as Boston, Chicago and New York, as well as Ohio, Tennessee and northern Michigan.
It is striking that everyone traveling felt the need to indicate on Alpha\'s notebook that the car was driving all the way to his destination and then back without getting him stranded.
This is good news.
It\'s a news, it\'s a bad news, right?
Team for the month: current mileage of the month: 26,709 mi lesaverage Fuel economy: 19 mpgFuel slot size: month.
Fuel range observed by 3 gal: 290 mile service: $392 normal wear: $757 repair: $0 damage and damage: $148410,000-
What we like: what we like is driving Giulia Quadrifoglio, and what we are doing is much less than what we prefer.
There\'s more below.
When our Alpha Romeo is up and running, there are very few cars on the market that match its emotional engagement and inner appeal.
Heck, there are not many vehicles that provide any configuration of Giulia QF single
Focus on sports.
It offers these thrills while providing a comfortable fit for several full sizes and ride quality
The human body is impressive.
In its most powerful attraction: light, fast, high
To make this car feel like a shrinking loyalty turn --
Wrapped in your body
Attractive engine notes with long numbersundertone blat. The ZF eight-
Automatic speed, like the best double
Clutch Gearbox.
What we don\'t like: when our Alpha is in the store, what we don\'t like is to open a monthly Chrysler 300.
But there\'s more below.
It is not perfect even if the alpha is running properly.
We haven\'t found a driver who likes the brakes. pedal feel.
Stepping down the pedal during a positive drive, Giulia offers impressive parking power and no complaints.
Unfortunately, most of the time we spend in the car is done at a more gentle pace, and when you commute every day, it is almost impossible to adjust the brake force.
Just to achieve a moderate stop, it needs serious attention.
Passengers begin to judge you quietly.
In addition, Super
Positive Pirelli pzero Corsa summer tyres (
Wear grade of tread: 60)
I don\'t like the rain very much.
On an unforgettable mid-rain highway, the giulians worked on a newly laid section, \"The line was very weird, as if it were on marble.
\"On dry skateboards they offer an impressive 0.
98g stick, though.
What\'s wrong: Okay, let\'s get started.
So, a few of our electronic games
Throttle and check-
The engine light we mentioned in Giulia\'s intro story seems to have been resolved.
Our dealer replaced the fuel pump during the 5040 mile warranty period and we haven\'t had this problem since then.
This is good news.
The bad news is that when we first took part in the regular service of Giulia (
Oil Change and routine inspection)
At 10,021 miles, we left it there for a month.
We heard some complaints from the back end of the car and asked the dealer technician to check it out.
They diagnosed the sound as bearing noise from the differential. Okay.
After the dealer consulted Alpha\'s support, the solution was to replace the entire difference.
But it must be ordered.
Further delay in dealers (and us)
It has only one technician from Alpha Romeo who is obviously a very busy person.
We called dealers in other regions to see if we could sneak in to provide faster service elsewhere. No dice; all booked up.
So, we waited and joked that our white Chrysler 300 lender was not only not fun, but sad.
Giulia withdrew from the Commission from July 10-8 to 10 for a full month of the Golden driving season.
Although we enjoyed driving the Julia QF, this-
Plus a long dealer stop before
It is unforgivable for modern cars.
By the way, the service charge for 10k is $169;
Diff is free warranty.
Also, thousands of miles before diff crashed, we noticed a bubbling side wall on the right --front tire.
We lost $275 with a brand new Pirelli tire.
After a while, a rock broke the windshield.
The new one cost $1209.
Where did we go: the dealer, of course.
But in the glorious days between fuel
Pump replacement and differential replacement, we managed to sneak to the Virginia International Circuit for our annual lightning circle event (
No, we didn\'t meet Julia. .
Otherwise, we will stay close to home.
We have confidence in our kicks.
Predictably, the butt sports car is a bit shaking.
We will try to trust again, but it may take some time.
Fleet number of months: current mileage of 5 months: 11,204 miles average fuel economy: 19 mpg tank size: 15.
Monthly Plus observation fuel series: 290 milesService: $169, normal wear: $ monthly maintenance: $ monthly damage: $1484 introdutionsay what is the reliability of Alfa Romeo\'s products, but know our new director
A blood test car.
Red Julia Quadrifoglio makes the engine run in well in the past
For a period of time before that, it required irregular visits to the service department.
In fact, we could have been at 505-hp twin-turbo 2. 9-liter V-
6 seconds before the \"service electronic throttle control\" warning light first lights up at less than 2400 miles, followed by the \"service engine\" light.
This is at 650-
Miles of road travel, the editor on the wheel claimed that when he was in a difficult front on the highway, the cruise control was set to 78 miles/hour, and the warning appeared.
He couldn\'t choose a different mode of driving, but the car returned safely to our base camp in Michigan.
The car stayed in the store for a week, but the technician did not find the reason for the warning light to go out.
However, as they crawl through our new heat, they find a small coolant leak.
Tightening the loose hose card will clog the flow of water.
We were delivered on the way.
This ordeal delayed our initial test of Quad, so, with a clean health list, we went to the test track with about 4100 miles and released a commendable number: 3
6 seconds to 60 miles an hour.
Every quarter, at a speed of 122 miles per hour, 8 seconds-A mile, then. . .
\"Service electronic throttle control\", Power drop, etc.
This is not just the second time we have seen this warning.
Yes, our long term is twice.
Termer before 5000
But we also experienced testing Giulia Quadrifoglio in a short time. Regular loans to US
This experience matches our latest experience, which occurs at full speed during accelerated operation.
Our test driver believes there\'s at least one in ten more cars.
But this is not the case.
Either way, the acceleration matches what we saw before.
Hello, Alpha dealer. It\'s us again.
The dealer told us this time that we need a new fuel pump (
After looking at the code of low pressure at the fuel rail)
It will take a few weeks to get one.
We never get an explanation why the interior of the car smells like it.
It is described as \"some children are making a wood --
Combustion process in the back seat \"and\" Louisville slu factory \".
\"In the end, you\'ll get used to it, partly because it doesn\'t seem to have any other options.
Believe us, we really don\'t want to start this story like this.
We love Julia and Quadrifoglio, especially (
Please note that we have these models on our list of 2018 10 best cars).
It is undeniable that this is an ominous beginning of 40,000.
Miles test for Italian cars.
Now, hope is eternal.
We want this fuel.
The problem with the pump is just the way Quadrifoglio clears his throat, not the omen of bad luck coming. We’ll see.
No, this early mistake. yet)
Put out our feelings for our ass. kicking-and pretty-sports sedan.
We ordered Rosso Competizione paint for $2200; bolted on dark-finish, five-hole 19-
An inch wheel for $500;
Bought a steering wheel with carbon for $400fiber trim;
Added drivers worth $1200. Auxiliary system (lane-
Departure warning, adaptive cruise control and automatic highbeam headlamps).
The car has a total destination fee of $79,595.
We passed $3500 in carbon emissions. fiber-
A $8000 carbon barrel and a skaco car.
The ceramic brake rotor is good because the car is still and stops.
Well, the standard front seats are praised for their comfort and support.
However, the brakes have received some raspberries as pedals, which are almost impossible to adjust in town, resulting in herky, jerky stops and squeaky cushions. The brake-by-
The wire system is not the only rude part of sigliferlio. The V-
The free time of 6 is wave-shaped.
Shift dial for eight people-
The automatic speed is so big that they block the left and right bars.
During the allergy season, you may not want to drive siglifulio because the steering is too fast and sneezing while driving may immediately send you to the drainage ditch on the side of the road. But we love it.
We can\'t.
In addition to the inconsistent brake pedals, we are willing to accept the shortcomings of all the driving abilities mentioned above, because as a single car, we have to pay a very small price.
Focus on acting as a four-minute mirror.
There are very few cars like this.
Its turn is sublime.
Great weight and fast speed but you have to pay attention.
Its engine is a boot. to-day driving.
Its peak period is medical grade.
For a car with such a huge body control, its ride quality is very soft.
Looks good.
But let\'s face it. If there is something wrong with this car, we guess it won\'t be its driving characteristic.
In any case, it should be an exciting journey.
Fleet monthly: 3 months current mileage: 5191 miles average fuel economy: 19 mpg tank size: 15.
3 gal fuel range: 290 mile service: $0 normal wear: $0 repair: $0 (
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