Activated carbon filter which advantage to broad consumer choose and buy

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
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activated carbon filter is as popular a filter in the last two years, in different areas and industries, play a more important role. So how it played a role? Let's together to listen to parse and introduction of professionals on this issue.

the role of the activated carbon filter

in simple terms, the main effect of activated carbon is help us to effectively remove different materials as well as the existing space of macromolecular organic matter, iron oxide and the residual chlorine. The presence of these elements is not only easy to cause poisoning, ion exchange resin may also destroy the membrane structure, so as to make the reverse osmosis has the failure situation.

use activated carbon filter information points

the priority, in simple terms, such as activated carbon filter in the initial stage of adsorption effect is very good, as the long run, will lead to decrease its adsorption capacity, so regular cleaning and replacement is necessary.

the second, in the first operation of this kind of filter unit, need to vent operation effectively, the equipment until there is no air vent to.

the third, rinsed repeatedly in equipment should control the intensity and strength, to avoid the filter material flush leak, result in air filtration product unit scrap

4, activated carbon filter are each equipped with its own operating instructions, before installation and operation staff must read the instructions, make sure you have about the performance of the activated carbon filter device structure, basic advantages, operation steps, etc. , can begin to install and use.

5, if it is a large activated carbon filter, recommends the method of using air scrubbing, so that we can enhance the overall effect of backwash.

6, if such filtering devices exist for a long time stop running, open again, this time you must be more of the filter material for about five minutes is washing operations, to ensure that the filtering device of the water is clear.

in addition to the above, each user's operating conditions, recommended according to the situation of water quality, regular replacement of filter material, in general, the replacement of filter material at a quarter to half the range, mostly need depends on the use and operation. Hopes to help people through the simple introduction of the above, the effect of activated carbon filter and use a more multifaceted, understanding, and then in the late for correct operation.

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