Activated carbon filter when using the pay attention to?

by:Booguan     2020-11-18
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

filter is a common used on industrial equipment, and the use of activated carbon filter is more common. Mainly because of the activated carbon filter activated carbon can adsorb the organic matter in the water, bacteria, microbes, and colloidal substances; Can adsorb some nonmetallic material such as bromine, iodine, etc. ; Also can absorb the ions metallicity, including silver, arsenic, mercury, etc. Can also remove non-ferrous materials, and some smell. Need to pay attention to in the process of using activated carbon filter, can affect the adsorption effect of activated carbon filter and use fixed number of year of the main factors include: filter type and concentration of pollutants inside the filter material, filtering gas retention time, using the environment temperature and humidity in the air. Want to keep good work efficiency, activated carbon filter is little not normal maintenance.

we need to know first what is adsorption principle of activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter mainly through activated carbon to the surface of activated carbon adsorption of organic compounds, as the water flow through the coal bed, after the crystal accumulation on the surface of the activated carbon adsorption ability of active carbon will be different degrees of weakening, adsorption effect also will decline. If high content of organic matter in water, failure will accelerate the speed of the activated carbon, disappear until the filtering effect. So I need to regular cleaning or replacement of activated carbon activated carbon filter in the filter material.

activated carbon in the transportation, installation and use process must be carried out in accordance with the requirements, so that we can guarantee the use effect of activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter in the process of use in order to give full play to the role of the activated carbon filter, the wind speed is not recommended more than 2. 5m/s。 This can be activated carbon filters work can guarantee the filtering effect of activated carbon filter, extended use of time, a cost saving. But it is important to note when working in the activated carbon filter is don't have to change the filter material. If activated carbon filters have arrived at the change of time, but is still in use process can't stop the replacement, then we can at the beginning of the fan under the condition of constant change effect or the effect of the active carbon filter. The effective and efficient active carbon filter must be in the ten weeks off work for replacement of air supply outlet filter material.

in life inevitably meet the high temperature situation, if you want to use in high temperature and high humidity environment efficient active carbon filter, then you need to use high temperature resistant, high humidity resistance of filter paper, a partition. Laboratory, biological clean room, pharmaceutical cleanroom environments, small make up recommend choose activated carbon filter with a metal frame body, metal frame body of the surface of the activated carbon filter is not easy to rust corrosion. Wooden frame type of bacteria influence in the process of using easy clean indoor detection qualified rate of products. Small make up is not recommended.

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