Activated carbon filter is what? Specific how to choose?

by:Booguan     2020-11-18
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

the activated carbon filter can filter material clean? After cleaning can be used over and over again? A lot of people this question, after all, the filter material clean and repeated use, can to a certain extent, reduce the using cost of activated carbon filter. Shandong, activated carbon filter manufacturers, to help everyone here a certain analysis, tell everybody the filter can expect at the end of the activated carbon filter cleaning.

activated carbon filter filter could expect bottom clean?

a lot of people want to clean filter material of activated carbon filter, but do not know whether the filter material activated carbon filter can wash, actually the main attention to these points.

1, activated carbon filter USES what kind of filter material. It can look for shandong activated carbon filter manufacturer ask, see what you buy carbon filter filter material fill in, whether can clean the filter material, after all, some of the material of filter material itself is not clean.

2, check the activated carbon filter, filter material is not a one-off. Some of the filter material can be clean, but fill in the filter material equipment belonging to disposable filter material, that will not be able to wash, can buy the same material but not disposable filter material.

3, the activated carbon filter filter material is cleaned for many times. Filter material after washing, will gradually become more fragile, some filter material in many times after cleaning, already too fragile to cleaning, the filter material is not clean.

4, if after asking activated carbon filter manufacturer in shandong, found that the filter material can be washed, that you can start to clean carbon filter filter material.

activated carbon filter filter material should be clean?

how to proceed with activated carbon filter cleaning? Activated carbon filter manufacturer in shandong small make up recommend here before cleaning, first to know of filter material, see what kind of way to this kind of filter material can be used to clean, know what action can't be done in the cleaning process, such as in the use of cleaner, what detergent can be used, what detergent is can't use, etc. At the same time should pay attention to the activated carbon filter in the filter material, has broken filter material to screen out, replace the new filter material.

activated carbon filter filter can expect bottom clean? It really depends on the actual situation of filter material, in the process of cleaning, the above can do what do what also need you to pay special attention to.

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