Activated carbon filter characteristics have? What is the main factor affecting the adsorption?

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
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activated carbon filter is a kind of filtering equipment, better using activated carbon as filtering material, activated carbon is carbon was activated carbon after activation, its principle is to use its adsorption, has the very good filtering effect, compared with other materials of filter, but also has high efficiency, low maintenance cost, easy to clean replacement, one-time investment, small head loss, the water quality requirement is loose, the water stability, also easy to expand, cover an area of an area small, beautiful appearance. Widely used in various fields, and can satisfy the accuracy requirement of the hydraulic system to filter, can stop certain impurities into the system, the filter have sufficient strength, will not be damaged by pressure.

main factors influencing adsorption of activated carbon filter is such points: 1, depends on the nature of the activated carbon adsorbent, in general the larger the surface area, its adsorption ability is stronger, because of activated carbon is a polar molecule, easy to adsorb nonpolar or low polarity material, particle size, distribution of pores, adsorption and surface chemical properties, also will have great influence on adsorption; 2, the nature of the adsorption medium, it mainly depends on its solubility, surface free energy, polarity, concentration, etc. ; 3, medium PH, general activated carbon in the acidic conditions than in alkaline environment has relatively high adsorption rate and adsorption medium PH value to exist in the solution of the state as well as a large impact on solubility, thus affecting the adsorption effect; Overall impact activated carbon adsorption is mainly activated carbon filter medium, and kinds and concentrations of pollutants, the retention time of air flow in the filter material, the temperature and the humidity of the air, more influence of these factors.

in order to avoid the activated carbon filter is affected, at the time of filtering or selective filtering, such as the concentration of big, very thick liquid air filtration product, as well as strong alkaline solution, because of the alkaline solution affects the effect of active carbon adsorption. Note here is to install a coarse filter before activated carbon filter, oil outlet high pressure filter installed, install on the road back to the low pressure oil filter, also can be installed outside the system bypass filtration system. Activated carbon filter in use after a period of time, will reach saturated state, has to be replaced at this time of activated carbon, or by other techniques to restore function.

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