Activated carbon filter can filter material clean? How should do?

by:Booguan     2020-11-18
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filter want to maintain good filtering effect, then must do some cleaning work, avoid because of filter material, filter cloth and filter is dirty and led to the air filtration product efficiency and filtration effect is affected. In clean activated carbon filter, will only need to pay attention to the activated carbon cleaning, the cleaning method of activated carbon have what? What problem should note? Activated carbon filter, henan manufacturer to tell you.

to know the correct way to clean it

in the activated carbon clean, want to know what would be the right way to clean, after all, different activated carbon filter used by the filter material is different, the same as activated carbon, its characteristic is different, cleaning method is also different, activated carbon filter, henan manufacturers recommend first to know of activated carbon, and see which method is more suitable for their own use of activated carbon.

of course also need to note that just can't use some couldn't make activated carbon cleaning method, to let can regenerate activated carbon, activated carbon filter, henan manufacturer here remind you that some simple cleaning methods, such as exposure, or is washed, can simply clean and activated carbon, but this method is suitable for filtering accuracy requirement is not so high, such as family use activated carbon filter air filter products, if it is used by some production of activated carbon filter, still need to use professional regeneration methods, to make activated carbon regeneration.

activated carbon cleaning note

in the activated carbon filter filter material clean, there are some things that need to pay attention to, remove using the correct method, also need to pay attention to before using activated carbon filter, also needs to be clean filter material, to avoid some of the dust on the filter material filter medium of cleanliness. Second note that activated carbon can be regenerated in later, continue to be put into use, but repeatedly cleaning will lead to damage of activated carbon, activated carbon filter, henan manufacturer to remind everyone in after cleaning the activated carbon, be sure to do a good job in checking for activated carbon has been damaged, need to be out as soon as possible, avoid damage to the filter material influence the working effect of activated carbon filter.

need to pay attention to when using activated carbon filter is clean, and in the process of cleaning, filter material clean is vital, here remind everybody to notice the above two points, to avoid incorrect cleaning effect filtering effect and the air filtration product efficiency is affected.

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