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by:Booguan     2020-11-19
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

in industrial production, we often find the figure of the boiler, it plays an important role in industrial production, however, is easy to be entering the water in the boiler scale, affect the normal use of the boiler, and even explode. Therefore, we must pay attention to the boiler water treatment, activated carbon filter can come in handy at this time, use the filter can effectively reduce the boiler water scale, provide good water for industrial production. Next, let us more information about boiler water test, understand the role of activated carbon filter.

the boiler water content mainly includes the following:

1, the number of suspended solids

usually we often found in the boiler water some suspended solids, the particles larger water impurities will affect the effect of boiler water, therefore, the staff will be before the use of boiler water, extracting water samples, and detecting the suspended solids in the water quantity. If the boiler water containing suspended matter too much, the staff will use activated carbon filter for the suspended substances in boiler water treatment, and provide better production water for industrial production. In short, the staff in the use of activated carbon filter for boiler water, can to some extent, a reduction in the number of suspended solids in the boiler water in large quantities.

2, salt

in the boiler water salinity is too high, to a certain extent, also affect the effect of production water, lead to product the effect is not up to standard, therefore, industry personnel in the use of boiler water, using a certain way to measure in the boiler water salinity. The main measurement method is to analyze the water obtained anion and cation combined, but this kind of measurement method is more complex, so many workers don't use this way to measure the salt in the water. After use activated carbon filter water boiler, can reduce the salt content in the water, to the staff to provide better production water.

3, total dissolved solids

dissolved solids is after the activated carbon filter, water remaining some inorganic salts and organic matter in water, etc. , staff need to top up boiler water can be found that the total dissolved solids, but the comparison of organic matter content less pure water of the boiler, sometimes with dissolved solids to approximate the salt in the water.

that is about the boiler water related introduction, in order to reduce the suspended solids in the boiler water, salinity and dissolved solids, the staff can use activated carbon filter for boiler water filter, and then get a cleaner production water. The

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