Activated carbon filter backwashing operation and structure of the type?

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
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activated carbon filter is often used for water purification system, it can effective adsorption of impurities in water, further reduce the content of organic matter in water, the residual chlorine content, and so on, thus can reach people use or drinking water quality requirements. Activated carbon filter manufacturing cost is not high, and maintenance costs are relatively cheap, so often used in water purification engineering.

activated carbon filter after running for a period of time, you need to make the necessary backwashing operation, so as to remove the impurities in the activated carbon filter, restore the original adsorption performance of activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter backwashing program have backwashing exhaust, backwashing, is washed, system backup. For backwashing operation of activated carbon, can record the usage of activated carbon filter in detail, according to the using situation, arrange the necessary of the activated carbon filter backwashing operation.

besides can be used in water treatment, activated carbon filter can also be used for air purification, such as its for air quality control engineering, the use of a variety of composite structure of activated carbon, can realize adsorption of impurities in the air. Of course, the use of activated carbon in the air, also need to test and practical performance of active carbon, often for the worse performance of due to long time use activated carbon filter should be timely to give backwashing or replacement.

in general, the activated carbon filter on the structure is divided into bags and bulk is given priority to, there is a small difference in the structure, both bags of activated carbon for better compactness. In the concrete selecting activated carbon filter, the customer can choose according to their own practical needs. For backwashing operation of activated carbon, can invite filter manufacturer is responsible for, also can through by activated carbon filter backwashing system to achieve to improve the performance of activated carbon air filtration product effect.

except for activated carbon filter in the filter backwashing, can also be replaced periodically, solve the problem of the activated carbon filter performance variation. Generally speaking, industrial use activated carbon filter, 2 - the continuous use 3 months or so, the filtering performance will appear obvious change, change at this time you can give to activated carbon filter, ensure the stable performance of the activated carbon filter, avoid influence its practical use. Activated carbon filter has been the mass optimization of filter products, it not only has a certain advantage in price, and maintenance costs are low, so the filter higher sales in the market.

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