activated carbon/charcoal air filters: how long do they really last?

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
This is a good question.
Many air purifiers/air purifiers have activated carbon filters to help remove chemicals, smells, smoke, etc, and sometimes it\'s hard to tell if it\'s still working or the exact time you need to change them.
Manufacturers usually give a suggested time frame for changing the filter, but it would be a bit confusing to say how long the activated carbon filter lasts actually depends on the amount of contaminants in the area.
A good rule of thumb is to replace all filters, HEPA and activated carbon/charcoal filters once a year, especially if you are very sensitive to indoor air pollution.
Don\'t take risks if you\'re very sensitive-
When symptoms start to appear, change the filter at any time.
For the rest of us, it may not be possible to tell if we are really sensitive, but still want to know better how long our activated carbon/charcoal filters last and when they will be replaced, there is a way to \"test\" it --
How effective is it to remove the smell and smell.
Military carbon in gas masks and good carbon/charcoal air purifier filters works by absorbing or attracting air chemical residues in the air.
Since the smell and smell also come from chemical molecules and residues in the air, if the activated carbon/charcoal filter in the air purifier still works well, it should be able to basically or completely remove the smell in a few minutes, right?
So, one way to \"test\" your activated carbon/charcoal air filter products is to put your air purifier in the kitchen after you cook, make coffee, or spray a little air freshener or Cologne in the air around you, then turn the air purifier on for about 15 minutes.
If the smell is completely gone or significantly reduced, the activated carbon/charcoal filter may still be working to capture the chemical molecules in the air responsible for the smell.
You can test the filter again later, if it takes longer to remove the smell, which tells you that the carbon is \"filling\" and the air needs to be cycled several times through the air purifier to get clean.
A true military grade carbon or charcoal filter (
Austin air purifier)
Will do better and last longer, but this carbon filter may be \"complete\" and need to be replaced once you start to notice that the smell will not disappear as before, to make sure you and your family are still breathing clean air.
However, if you use an air purifier in serious health problems, chemical sensitivity, or industrial applications where chemicals in hazardous air are present, it is very important to replace the carbon filter, or at least install fresh bulk carbon as planned or earlier to ensure that the air purifier does not cycle more contaminants than normally, as the carbon filter is saturated, just blow the air polluted through the device.
There are also a variety of electronic and saturated/discolored chemical and VOC detectors, as well as any industrial applications where hazardous steam or gas is present, and we strongly recommend using an air purifier to let you know when the filter will stop removing contaminants, or if the air purifier is not fully removed.
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