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by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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in the process of the use of filter, filter occupy a very important link, its quality directly determines the using effect and efficiency of the filter. What are the characteristics of ac filter? What are the key points need to know? Below each one for you.

ac filter structure is very special, mainly USES is concave and convex type honeycomb design, we can apply it in the air air filtration product, and can be used in water air filtration product system, at the same time, some manufacturer also used the antibiotic treatment, this ensures that the filtering and the double effect of antibacterial mouldproof.

and use of air conditioning screen pack is very cost-effective, can clean and repeatedly changing, very easy, easy to understand. From the classification, it has vertical ac filter, the structure is very special, the first layer is dust network, the second layer is activated carbon, the third is to strengthen network, change frequency is one or two months at a time. Additionally one kind is the bedroom air conditioning screen pack, the first layer is activated carbon, the second is to strengthen network, change the frequency as well as the former.

the characteristics of ac filter is very intuitive, we use the metal, not only is very easy to install, also created the perfect appearance, will not affect the surrounding environment, the quality of a material is very light, will not cause transportation burden. In addition, its sealing is good also, even if the filter material is used by special finishing process, you can have a look at the concrete conversion.

but also in the early ac filter resistance and the effect of amount of dust has played an incomparable, is a lot of people recognized the cost-effective choice. If you value filter material material, can choose according to different needs with stainless steel wire mesh or netting.

the last look at the maintenance maintenance method of ac filter, want to maintain the normal use of air conditioning units, we must pay attention to daily maintenance. As for the maintenance cycle need to see you use frequency, if you use a lot of times you should shorten the time of the maintenance interval. Pay attention to the water temperature in the process of cleaning, no more than 40 degrees Celsius, and to use professional detergent to clean up, so that can ensure the cleaning effect.

after the cleaning is certainly not drying, can be used in a natural way to dry, the assembly process should pay attention to the position of the air conditioning unit, be sure to look at how air flow surface placed, if put the wrong words will affect the use effect, these are the use of air conditioning screen pack the matters for attention.

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