Ac filter daily maintenance should pay attention to?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
Air filter equipment

in air filtration product equipment, each with a period of time should be centrally cleaning, in this way can guarantee the filtering effect, also can better service for the user. Speak of the basic maintenance of air conditioning screen pack, do you understand? Underneath the popular science to everyone.

filter used in the long run, the filter material will be accumulated, and may produce viruses and bacteria, if continued to recycle, easy to cause air pollution, also can reduce the service life of equipment, increase more energy. Whenever change garments according to the, we must be cleaning air conditioning screen pack, this is the use of the basic code of conduct.

cleaning process can be a reference manual, first take the filter down, must pay attention to study the part of the indoor unit, don't damage other components, prevent the scratch of ac filter.

in addition, we can play the ac filter, so the above dust will fall down, also can consider to use cleaning tools, such as electric dust collector is a good choice, if not for nothing, or a soft brush to wash, pay attention to the water temperature can't is too high, must be less than 50 ℃, do not use corrosive cleaning materials, such as washing powder detergent, etc. , this will cause the mesh deformation. Clean process of avoid by all means use a sponge, it will damage the screen.

after the cleaning, do not use, direct assembly must be dry, or dry, to prevent exposure, also do not put in near the fire, these are easy to cause deformation of the filter. Foreign box if you want to clean, use a neutral detergent is more appropriate, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

it is not difficult to say the maintenance of air conditioning screen pack, cleaning frequency, should be determined according to the use of time can be according to the monthly cleaning, and the quarterly cleaning, if air environment is bad, can also according to the weekly cleaning. Because the density of air conditioning screen pack is bigger, so the cleaning process must be put an end to knead, because may cause damage to invisible to the naked eye. Must pay attention to the decontamination procedure, if feel is not too dirty, use the method of water can also be directly.

this is to introduce the ac filter cleaning and maintenance, it should be combined with the central air conditioning unit for processing, the installation process should pay attention to air flow, do not install inside out, otherwise it will affect the subsequent use.

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