Ac filter and the application scope of daily maintenance have?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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environment, whether in the personal family life or business rooms, high-tech environment and laboratory sterile environment, the standard measure, hospital, etc. , all require the participation of air-conditioning equipment, in order to achieve the effect of the temperature control. In the process of operation, also cannot leave air conditioning screen pack, without it, will not only influence the using performance of air conditioning, but also easy to cause air conditioning internals in corrosion and damage, so in the daily use of air conditioning process, must pay attention to air conditioning screen pack cleaning and update, to ensure the stable operation of air conditioning.

the purpose of the ac filter are divided into two kinds: water filter and air filter products, the structure of the majority is concave and convex type honeycomb structure, its purpose is to absorb more efficiency filter impurities, including activated carbon network, dust network, etc. , the casing outside the structure of metal materials, quality are comparatively light, convenient installation, maintenance is convenient. Filter material is divided into a variety of ac filter, including activated carbon, stainless steel net, non-woven, glass fibres, and so on. The filter material quality performance is higher, therefore, ac filter can clean for many times, recycling, economic performance is very good.

in general, on the structure, the interior of the ac filter filter material is compact structure, safeguard filter sealing performance, to guarantee its dust removal and the decontamination effect. Under normal use, the service life of ac filter for about half a year, if the use frequency of air conditioning is not much, or in the air cleanliness higher environment, will use the term extended.

air conditioning after running for a period of time, the surface of the ac filter will accumulate a lot of dust, it is not only beautiful star, environmental pollution, if not timely for cleaning maintenance, when the ac filter reaches the rated capacity limit of dust, the dust will overflow with air conditioning air supply system, which could threaten people's life and health.

so air conditioning filter must be in the process of use for a long time for cleaning operation, so as to ensure air conditioning running stability, and environmental cleanliness of the air in. Ac filter in the process of cleaning, should try to use a neutral detergent to wash, do not knead by hand. And in the process of drying, not direct sunlight, in order to prevent the mesh deformation. After the clean screen pack, it is important to ensure that, after the surface is completely dry, installed on the air conditioner inside again, in order to prevent the damage by moisture, air conditioning equipment, ac filter installation process should be carried out in accordance with the instructions properly installed.

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